Boldur is now OP

Boldur is now incredibly easy to use after the patch and I am now eagerly awaiting a nerf so I don’t feel bad playing him in pubs. I dream of the day he’s not perma banned in my groups scrims. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions below on his new broken state. (Was broken before but harder to use)

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My opinion is that it’s too soon to formulate an opinion, it’s been less than 24 hours since the update went live. People were screaming OP the day Pendles was released too, it takes time to adjust.

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No you don’t understand he’s a tanky assassin now… The good Boldur’s are soloing teams and getting highest damage in the match now…

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Isn’t that what the good Boldurs were doing before?


Not highest damage unless it went the full 30 minutes. It’s so easy to hit with Boldurdash now and his burst is Deande level… like her solo ult level… So he can’t die and does 700+ damage with aoe axe throws and 400+ damage on stuns… They buffed his bleed helix and ult way to much.


Ehrmmm … People, on this very forum, were screaming 'bout Pendles being op and calling for nerfs about
a month before Pendles was even released … :dukegum:


Not to mention his regular Axe throws do stupid amounts of damage to compensate for the longer cooldown on his ult.

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I don’t know who you’ve been playing against, Dr, but I’ve yet to see a Boldur like you describe. The ones that have been given me problems are the ones backed up by their teammates. The ones who got it alone usually die to me and one or two of my teammates. He’s in a better place, but he can still be shut down if focused properly.

Yeah, and clearly that was satire, I’m talking about the serious posts not even 24 hours after his release, the forums were buzzing with talks about whether he was OP or not for a week, that was m point here.

I know … :dukegoof:

Unless you saw any of the following steam ID’s you didn’t play any of the good Boldur’s. If I run into you I’ll be sure to pick Boldur and Bully you all game to change your opinion. :imp:


Oh… Yeah, I knew that… Just playing along is all…

Sure you were. :wink:


The issue with boldur now is how strong he is the entire game. Boldur completely depended on getting level 5, then getting level 10. If the boldur wasn’t a skilled player, or you knew what to do, you could completely shutdown boldur. The issue is that boldur is now the strongest character for the entire match, not just by far the strongest at level 10.


You’d better bring a good team because I can assure you mine won’t let you run all over them solo. And, no, I haven’t run into any of those people you’ve mentioned, but any character can be difficult to kill in the right hands. Hell, I got a compliment from a competition level player last night saying my Ambra was difficult to kill after we finished a Face-off match. I also had another great player tell me she gave up trying to kill me once while I was Ambra and she was playing Deande. Yes Boldur is still a force to be reckoned with, but I take issue with your statement he can take on an either competent team solo. 1v1? Yeah, but he was always able to do that; he can even handle 1v2 if he’s good and his opponents aren’t as good. 1v5? Not so much… By himself, Boldur is still a nuisance, but he can be busted down if focused on by more than one player.

Challenge accepted. Bring a team tonight and we’ll be glad to play you. :grin:


Who’s this we you’re talking about? You’re coming in solo, buddy. :stuck_out_tongue:

^ This ain’t gonna happen.

I’ll freely admit you’re a better player than me, but I still don’t think Boldur can take on an either team by himself.

This means war.


I think your taking what i said too literally. He can’t beat 5 people at once if they all focus him but he can 1v2 or 1v3 without any issues. He was broken before and he’s much more broken now because he doesn’t need to hit 5 to do damage anymore. He can dive a team and come out with multiple kills because his burst is insane now.

Again I’ll be happy to play your team to show you how broken he is but at level 1 no one can 1v5 unless the other team has no thumbs :stuck_out_tongue:


Like when you got that penta as Whiskey?