Boldur is now OP

I’ve wanted him to be nerfed day 1 this update is just icing on the cake.

I knew that dumbass stump wasn’t going to be balanced from what I read in the patch notes. The really good Boldurs that I have seen certainly never needed any more help in killing other players…

Can we just scrap him as a character design?

No. True he needs to be toned down, but he doesn’t need to be removed completely.

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Isn’t it obvious? They’re trying to make him like Isic—a tanky assassin. :stuck_out_tongue:

His boldurdash is definitely smoother and easier to land, and that alone makes him feel more impactful


Fite me.


Phoebe can solo Boulder. -going back to bed to dream of the days she isn’t perma banned #GivePhoebeAShield

I don’t know, he still has that tankiness late game, just now to realistic proportions, so once the damage is toned down he will be fine

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It’s still funny to me how last week everyone was complaining about how he was being deleted from the game and nerfed into the ground, when in reality he was losing some of his ridiculous survivability and broken-ass level 10 damage and trading it for some crazy damage on his skills. Maybe people will use this as an opportunity to learn to reserve reactionary judgement on balance changes until a couple days after those changes actually go into effect (oh who am I kidding).


This is the Internet. Knee-jerk reactions and posting one’s opinion as fact is how things are done. Never mind that a little patience goes a long way 'cause we ain’t got time for that!


have there been any stealth changes to boldur, and off topic, has whiskeys ult animation be quickened

It was a joke. :slight_smile:

I know, it’s was just to point out, has any pentas occurred now with his damage now, any penta line heard

Meh I don’t like to physically fight people(I am bad at it)

Really? I was pretty certain that he at the minimum was going to be fine and I even was leaning towards him being not properly balanced. His tanking ability still seemed fine if not probably still overtuned. It was the other buffs that made me go “lol wut? Nah that’s not a good idea don’t do that”


Nuff said… @gRANT_ tested with his legendary and full skill damage. the ticks were 153 damage for verification so in total that’s over 2000 damage with both axe and shield… on a mobile tank…


So with runes, DEFINITELY damage nerf (voila, balanced)

That’s all he needs is a proper damage nerf.

Who did he use it on, that poor guy/girl

Honest question, before patch, did axe toss still do crazy damage