Boldur is now OP

(Dr H0 H0) #61

It did around 600 damage at maximum. Stack the 240 bleed and it’s just stupid -_-

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(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #62

Bleeds should only be 125 at most, over 4 seconds


(Dr H0 H0) #63

Boldur is balanced guys it’s okay… I tried to 1v5 them for the first half of the match and got to 260 before I had my team jump in to help while they were 490. The fact I could kill the Montana and Miko solo is just stupid… @Gulfwulf


(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #64

Hey you got the 25 mark, do battleborn have special dialogue for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 streaks, and if so what is his 25 dialogue (also yes big damage nerf)


(Dwarfurious) #65

Ok ok ok ok… 18% damage reduction to his skills. Done :smiley:


(Magic is everything) #66

Boldurdash can still do 810 damage after that nerf. Not including dot.

You gotta try harder dwarf.


(Bori ) #67

Boldur skill damage needs to go back to what it used to be. And he’ll be fine.



Boldur just needs a rework tbh. Something about him has always been so strong. He kinda suffers from Ambra syndrome. Just too damn versatile to be ignored

And what they did wasn’t a rework inb4 people tell me it was


(Dwarfurious) #69

Ok first thats with an awful Legendary Lore item that nobody uses! Second, boldurdash cant double stun anymore, thats a pretty big nerf!.. so… this kind of evens it out!
@derk257pfft. At least he aint in every game like ambra.


(Magic is everything) #70

Now it’s 608 not counting dot.

Try harder dwarf.


(Dwarfurious) #71

Sounds good to me! I mean, thats basically an ultimate + a basic skill combined. Fair is fair is fair


(Magic is everything) #72

so does that mean it’s okay for Catalytic Smash to do 600 damage now?


(Dwarfurious) #73

Yup, i’ve seen that skill used, its terribly inaccurate!



Gearbox makes characters OP on purpose. That’s the impression I get from them by now.

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(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #75

Nah, he is supposed to not be so damaging so he will be fine after damage nerf



But they literally just buffed his damage. What makes you think they intend to roll a nerf out for him any time soon?

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(Cast Iron Chef) #77

They will if the numbers support it. Before he was all tank and little damage, now he’s a tank/damage hybrid with a bit too much damage. Okay, @Dr_H0H0, Boldur is OP. :dukejk:


(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #78

Trust me, it was just a wierd decision that will be fixed



Dude I freakin hope so. He needs to check himself before he wrecks… everything?

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(Can't stand ya) #80

Haven’t used Boldur post patch yet but did play against one last night in incursion.

I have to agree he’s ridiculous now.

This Boldur, at level 3-4, was pulling a Pendles on us repeatedly without consequence. He’d dash straight past the sentry and stinger turrets, go up and destroy our supply and thumper and get out scot free.

At one point 2-3 of us were attacking him while he did this, hard cc’d him twice (Toby+Gali) both attacking him and he boldur dash axe toss killed me and ran back past the sentry and turrets with a quarter health in tact.

The burst damage + bleed is completely obscene and he seems as tanky if not more than ever. It seems like they’ve taken away his admittedly broken end game and replaced it with an obscene early game, but then tinkered with the game modes so late game no longer exists!

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