Boldur is now OP

(Skeksis Syl) #101

Don’t forget that his dashes definetly kept it on too by level 2. Was (and may still be) one of the strongest passives in the game

(Jennerit Supremacist) #102

Not by level two any more. It is now default. Every boldurdash will trigger rage regardless of helix choice.

(Skeksis Syl) #103

Yup. I knew that(cause anything related to boldur balancing I read in hopes of being happy with it) but I did not clarify exactly I suppose

(Bladedancer ) #104

Lol boldur is sharing the same fate as ISIC, ouch he might be nerfed into the ground.

(Cade) #105

For one Isic is still incredibly strong no matter what the general population of Battleborn seems to think and two Boldur does need a nerf quite badly.

(Bladedancer ) #106

Sorry I should have been more clear, they nerfed ISICs takiness into the ground,

But with boldur I think he’s facing what Galilea faced, He reminds me of Krieg the psycho from BL2 except he has a shield that’s why hes OP.

(Cast Iron Chef) #107

Yep. ISIC is no longer a tank, he’s armored artillery who can easily be pulled out of his ult and shot down by most of the BB. If you can stun, you can take him out of his ult and significantly reduce both his power and his ability to absorb damage.

(Bladedancer ) #108

Correct. Now I don’t want to see boldur stripped of his takiness too.

(Theavarchivist) #109

Bit of a necro post but wanted to chime in and say I’m anxiously awaiting some sort of rebalancing on Boldur. He is the anti-fun right now. Guy can dive into a 1 on 5 + buildables + sentry + minions scenario, ■■■■ things up in there for an aggravating amount of time, then escape with relative ease. He’s ridiculous and boring to play with or against right now.

Tank or Assassin… pick one, not both. Then tone down whichever one you picked a notch cuz he’s double goddamn broken.

(Skeksis Syl) #110

It’s like he siphoned el dragons power. Which would make sense since I love el dragon but hate boldur

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(Cade) #111

In all fairness there is a way to shut him down but it requires a strong CC team comp as well as good coordination. That being said it’s dumb that it requires an entire team to actually kill him.

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(Theavarchivist) #112

Yeh I know, and you’re right, but I don’t see that as legit and if he has any team support or healing on em whatsoever it still wont work. When people are saying “you might be able to take him down if you 5v1 him while chain stunning, only attacking from the rear, and dumping every ability you have at him” you know a character is broken af.

(Cade) #113

Which is exactly why I made this post in the first place.

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #114

Spend 5 character skills to leave him with 200 hp and dash back to safety with that 30% speed is stupid lol.

He should hit hard or endure not both! This little man has big hp pool, a way to negate dmg, a damage reduction, a small regen, a strong basic attack power, a speed boost, attack speed boost, a stun, a ranged attack with dot, self heal ult, its ult cd is low.

(Cade) #115

He can also do ult level damage in a single swing of his axe at level 10.

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(froz) #116

I’m a Boldur main, I just LOVE to play as this freaking crazy tanking dwarf. Now I want to know how you fell about his new nerfs? He is in a good position now?

Reduced base health by 237

Reduced the duration of Rage from 8 seconds to 6 seconds"

These changes nerf more his survivability, tankiness and damage (remember october big changes too!).
I know he’s still a top character, probably the best tank ingame, but someone have to be that one, right?

What you guys think? :smiley:

(Cade) #117

Unless they fixed Axe mastery he’ll still be stupid broken.

(froz) #118

It’s confirmed to be broken? I mean, I don’t have idea about the maths and stuff.

But, anyway, ignoring that fact and considering ppl don’t get this helix choice to play the last 2 minutes of the games, he’s ok now?

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #119

People thought his tanking was balanced now, they should of nerfed his damage instead

(beta382) #120

They changed everything that was fine with him and nothing that actually needed changing.

See also: ISIC.