Boldur is wayy too OP man

just fought a boldur that somehow did 17k healing in a single game

our entire team couldnt kill him

i got him in a stun from gali, i hit him with a full air strike and a full fire grenade but he walked away with 80% hp no healer…


lol thats garbage to be honest with you.

3k base hp

2k shield (seems like it really is infite tho seeing as how i have never once seen his shield go out)

hits like a mac truck

heals better than kleese


i cant wait until this guy gets nerfed so i can stop losing games unfairly… thank you!

our entire team couldnt kill him

post here if you were just in that bullcrap game!

unacceptable behavior man this boldur is ruining the game.

every other character is fine bot not this guy.

i dont know what i just saw, maybe it was somehow cheating but i am absolutely disgusted with what i just saw right there…

please fix u know this isnt right

no1 should be able to absors 8 thousand damage without a healer ok


i feel sorryfor any1 who has to play op character to win lol

50% dmg reduction

3k hp

shield with infite HP

hp regen

its basically god in video game character lol olo so not fun for anyone who isnt playing boldur

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But that’s what Bouldur does

Also, it is possible to have an invincible shield at level 10

Definitely had similar experiences playing against Boldurs before, wher we’ve had all 5 of us focus him and not even be able to get him to move an inch let alone kill him. I think people are just starting to really get a handle on how good he is, so we’re just starting to see his potential shining through, which wasn’t there in the first few weeks of the game. Whether it’s in need of nerfing, or whether we (the player base) haven’t worked out counter tactics to this play style yet, I will leave up to GBX to determine. I honestly don’t know. The biggest issue I have with Boldur is that his physical shield doesn’t seem to falter before he has boldurdash w/overshield off cooldown and can just cycle between the two while tanking pretty well everything.


He’s not in unkillable but he is stupid strong

However his damage is definitely on the low end

i dunno if Boldur has any weak points really but stuns and general CC work on him just as well as any other character


What gear was he wearing? I’ve always heard talk of a legendary Boldur amongst the forum. One that can tank a whole team and put out monster damage.

I haven’t ran into a “good” Boldur yet but that’s probably because I usually keep juggling them in the air with Deande’s Uppercut and that usually leaves him wide open to be nuked down by the team.

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Overshields that eat damage are tracked as healing. Boldur has a level 1 helix that gives him 225 overshield whenever he uses Boldurdash. He’s also got some not insignificant self-healing. Whenever you deal damage to his shield while it’s charged and he’s blocking, he heals for a portion of the damage that would’ve been dealt. He’s also got a level 10 helix that heals him for 50% of his max hp for each of his armaments that is charged when he reactivates them.

There a level 10 helix that he can take that makes his shield not take damage while it’s charged. If he’s got that, his charged shield will literally never go out. It’s much more likely that the Boldur you fought just knew when to put his shield down to let it recharge and how to use the rest of his toolkit.

Also, he’s got some absolutely amazing damage reduction when he’s in rage (after killing an enemy; also, level 2 helix puts him in rage after a Boldurdash), which also contributes to it.

Boldur is powerful, but he’s not overpowered. He’s a late blooming character, of course, so it’s acceptable for him to be an endgame beast. Just because you don’t know how to counter his tool kit doesn’t mean he’s overpowered (iirc, you attack him from behind since his shield only works from the front, don’t attack his shield from the front if it’s charged, and that takes care of most of it). Learning how to counter the different characters and their toolkits is just part of the game.


really? I didn’t know that, I was playing against a Boulder today and was thinking something was suspect with the fact he had a shield which wouldn’t break. Was Isac in Ultimate Form blasting him full of bullets and missles, his shield never ended, he took no damage, took 3 of my teammates to come over before we managed to kill him…

Was stupid, Boulder needs a nerf

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Thats a problem I see most people doing, attacking tanks from the front. I’ve always heard that its a psychological thing. Boldur’s shield glows and has fancy markings so it’s kind of like attracting a moth to flame. People feel compelled to attack the shiny thing lol.

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[quote=“orgelambart, post:8, topic:1539884, full:true”]
really? I didn’t know that, I was playing against a Boulder today and was thinking something was suspect with the fact he had a shield which wouldn’t break. Was Isac in Ultimate Form blasting him full of bullets and missles, his shield never ended, he took no damage, took 3 of my teammates to come over before we managed to kill him…[/quote]

The lack of tactical knowledge and how to counter your opponents is not evidence of a character needing a nerf. Boldur is incredibly well suited to completely negate the noob “run at it head first until it dies” strat. If you come at him from the side, his shield is worthless. His damage is actually rather pathetic outside of a very specific helix choice that requires he have lots of hp when attacking (his attack speed is almost glacial).

Don’t just complain about losing to a character because you used X strategy and failed. There are reasons why you can lose to a character other than “they’re OP as hell!”


You play right into his hands by continuing to beat on his shield (healing him) then complain he is OP. That’s like unloading clip after clip into Isic’s wards and complaining when you take damage or unloading on Montana during Mansformation then complaining when he annihilates your entire team with big payback.

Every character is OP if enemies don’t know how they work and do exactly what they aren’t supposed to.

Go play him before writing garbage like that. You got outplayed. Writing off the fact that your opponent did a better job than you and excusing the loss as the character being OP rather than your own lack of knowledge is insulting to the person that whipped you.


Classic “I can’t figure out how to beat (insert character) therefore he’s OP”.

You know what, my Rent is OP, Gearbox please nerf. Student loans need nerf’d too. It’s way too OP.

Michael Jordan in the 90’s was OP so please travel back in time and nerf him too.


Galilea’s wound on desecrate and shield throw +desecrate dot is a nice start to counter given your comp. But yeah the new wound abilities in the next patch will be nice for op boldur shield

Is there a thread where we can bet on what character is going to be OP next week?

Remember 2 or 3 weeks ago when people thought Boldur was terrible?


I have money on Attikus at some point. His damage is insane.

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Boulder is my new go to toon, first time playing a tank. I thought he was a bit ridiculous, won about ten matches in a row. Then went against a team who knew what they had to do against me. I went 1-12. Lol. He is a beast of a tank, but he is not really much of a threat outside if his stun. And that mainly helps his teammates. AOE like blight/ napalm/air strike/ Phoebe thing/ El dragon thing all really mess him up. Phoebe is a real problem for Boulder. I hate her…


Rent and student loans are no joke man, they need a serious nerf.


Boldur is very tough, he can block the lane on Incursion and is very hard to kill.

And that’s how he’s supposed to be. He’s a tank, a tank’s tank at that, but he’s not “OP” because he fills the role he was designed for. If you can’t beat him head on try a different approach. Flank him, CC him, kill the enemies around him so he has nothing left to defend him then get behind him and force him toward your line with his back to them. Sadly, sometimes you simply don’t have the composition to deal with certain threats and Boldur is difficult to counter but he’s not unbeatable.

He’s not “OP” because one good player got the better of you.


Someone get a bag. We’re gonna have to “handle” the OP before his fanaticism spreads.

-Finish the game before Boldur reach level 5.
-If you have to kill Boldur, gang him up (No, 2 guys is not a gang)
-Never stand against a wall, or behind a teammate.
-Steal as much shards as you can.
-Don’t shoot Boldur if he got runes on his shield.
-CC galore.
-Don’t underestimate Boldur’s end game damage output.

Else, don’t be surprised if i can kill your entire team alone.