Boldur Legendary Gear (Post Beta)

I know it was buggy in beta but reading it now it still looks bugged. I thought maybe it meant that once shield breaks you don’t take damage for 4 seconds, but when my shield broke I believe I was still taking damage?

Can anybody clarify the effects for me or is it still useless?

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Still looks bugged. From what I can tell you are supposed to get a boost to all damage you deal after your shield breaks, however at 0% you obviously wouldn’t be getting any boost.

tbh even as it is its not worth having on. yyour better off with other mods

How so?..

I mean if that Attack damage buff on break is significant this would be a VERY good mod.

The innate attack buff is small, but thats a hefty Healing Recieved buff on top of it…which is pretty much useful all the time considering your getting healed while shielding when Ult Rune is on…which is basically near 100% of the time thanks to short cooldown and being able to keep it until you shield charge.

Its essentially Epic level loot with a potentially good character specific buff on top…like all the other ones.

I thought it meant after the shield breaks you become immune to all damage for 4 seconds.

considering the legendaries i already have, his is useless even with the bonus damage

I’ve got a few items that show 0%, when I equip them in game, they show the correct values.

This is saying you get a percentage buff to the damage you deal when it breaks, try it in game and see if it shows the value :wink:

looks like it’s still Broken :frowning:

yup :frowning:

Was just about to post about this issue. Hope this gets fixed. Though yeah I have a hard time seeing this as a good piece of gear as usually when my shield breaks its from me taking damage while trying to get away, rarely does it break as I’m moving into combat.