Boldur Lore Help please

Hey all! I have a simple favor to ask of you. I need help with the challenge that requires a whole team of Eldrid characters. And my friends rarely ever play this game and randoms don’t want to listen if I have my mic on. So, message me on my Xbox if you want to work on lore challenges! Thanks! GT: LCyanideSuicide

Add me on Xbone: YaCantDutchThis

Invite me to a party whenever you see me online, and we may be able to do this lore! I play with friends alot so they may be able to help too. (But I also play with Streamers alot and then I may not always be able to help you out.)

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Thanks! I will definitely keep in touch! :smile:

If anyone wants to do the same thing but on ps4 I’ll help too. Let me know.

Hit me up GT: xBetaa
I need to complete Boldur’s Woodsworn too !!
Willing to help with other challenges too.

I also need to achieve this.

GT: jargo801