Boldur melee not consistent with other BB

Anyone notice how on characters like galilea and rath when you melee, it doesn’t really feel like anything. You’re just swinging and doing tons of damage and it’s relatively easy to control. I actually like this because if they added some weight to it, it would be super difficult to keep track of your enemies and it would be harder to keep hitting them.

Which brings me to my next point. Boldur has an enormous amount of weight when he swings. So much so that it’s very easy to miss auto attacks. Not only that, unless the enemy is dead center on your screen, you miss. I’ll be in front of a minion and I don’t have my axe and I punch and miss when it didn’t even move. But as long as you’re on Rath or El dragons screen, you hit easy. Might need to rework boldurs autos to be more in balance with other melee characters. Plus it doesn’t really make sense that all but one of his autos are a straight and linear attack dead center on the screen. It’s an axe. Shouldn’t he be swinging it?

I perform really well with boldur and I have him at level 11 and I always end up with a great score so im not looking for a “get better kid” reponse. But it’s sooooo much more work than any other melee character to keep trash of people. And his slows aren’t even noticeable. Pretty irrelevant to even use. But it’s either that or a 48 damage bleed. 48…dmg…over 6 seconds

Wow. Congrats on getting Boldur to level 11. He was awful in the CTT, so yesterday, I figured I’d give him a spin to see if he was improved at all. In my opinion, he is still one of the worst characters in the game. So, yeah, good job sticking it out and playing as him.

With that said, uh, yeah…he could use some help. For how slow he moves/attacks, he does no damage at all. Seriously, he does nothing. I get he is supposed to be more “tank” role, but the damage or attack speed could stand to be boosted a bit.

I also don’t understand his ax throw ability. Doesn’t feel like it fits the character at all, and I rarely use.

Well Boldur is actually kinda ridiculous. he actually hits like a truck(around 200-400 dmg from 1-10) and once he hits lvl 5? he can literaly not die if he gets attacked from the from till his shield breaks. About his axe throw-its actually really goo. If you take the first skill on the left it gives it back to him whenever he hits anything. I think he’s pretty good. And i also see where the melee issue is. It feels like his attak hitboxes are kinda small.

How slow he moves? You’ve obviously never played Kelvin.

I love playing as Kelvin. Kelvin doesn’t move slowly at all. I can easily close gaps with him. Not to mention his kit feels more suited for a “tank”.

I must be missing something, because the character you described is most certainly not the one I played, haha!.

Again. Boldur is awesome and I perform very well. And yeah his autos hit hard. But theyre harder to hit than other melee character. Caldarius and mellka can melee easier than boldur. It doesn’t make him broken. He can still perform. But it isn’t in line with literally all other melee

I love Kelvin too, but generally if someone is truly running from the fight (not backpedalling) then I only catch them with sublimate.

Boulder has 30% movement buff without axe and another helix trait that can boost it another 30%. Even without the helix trait I feel faster with boulder than with kelivn.