Boldur PVP build

so ive recently started playing him and i want to know a few things 1. what is the best loadout for him or atleast the gear i should go with 2. boldurdash seems really hard to hit a target with…any help? 3. his woodsworn lore challenge…can anyone help with that please?

Here is the Build I run most of the time and as for gear just run health gear as it benefits him the most. I have an attack speed + health, Attack damage + health and health + health after 180 seconds. After getting my stacks from his level 9 helix I end up with 4200 health at level 10 and deal around 360 damage per axe swing.

Jumping before you dash helps a little bit but practicing it is the best thing you can do.

It would help if you posted what platform you play on and your Gamer Tag/PSN/Steam ID

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lol i keep forgetting that im on xbox one and my gt is coll9502

I run an all 0 cost buildable on boldur, shard per second with -reload, buildable wrench with -skill damage and a +140sheild with -reload (I believe). I focus mainly on building everything, grabbing all the shards, I’m rarely in lane long enough to do anything but tag minions and run away to build. Getting to level 5 asap is your main priority as boldur cause that self heal is ridiculous. Once I’m at 5 I start becoming a nuisance, circling around enemies with his movement speed increase, boldur dashing them from behind either into a wall or back into my team, constantly be moving, keeping the shield up. Also don’t use his full melee attack combo… hold the shield up and learn the timing to spam just his first jab attack with the axe, much much faster.

After you get the bonus from rage it no longer increases your dps so upon hitting level 2 you don’t need to jab anymore actually.

I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying?

After Boldur gets enough attack speed the normal combo does as much damage as just jabbing. (melee once wait repeat) You should be able to keep rage up 90% of the time if you grab the left helix at level 2 so the whole jab thing only really helps at level 1.

Hmm… I always assumed that the attack speed from rage would still make jab spamming faster than his whole combo lol, plus being able to fall back to having the shield up faster… I’ll try your way though lol, I just do the jab spam cause it seems like you can end the animation and pull your shield up faster that way

Yeah it’s great for safe pokes but if your going for damage after a stunning someone it’s better to just attack them normally. I stop poking at level 3 since I grab the slow and prefer to stun someone then proceed to slow them to secure the kill.

Yeah I don’t ever go with the slow on his fist attacks lol, something too funny about sprinting at someone with bonkers movement speed and your shield up, then right into a dash… just makes me giggle lol. I’m definitely more of a defensive boldur than an offensive one, so this whole debate could be chalked up to different styles. I’m definitely going to see how I fare with his full combo vs.jabs next time I’m on though

alright guys im starting to get used to the eldrid version of galilea(boldur):slight_smile: so can anyone help me with the woodsworn challenge i need 5 people