Boldur skins - "Golden One" and "Black Dwarf"

Hey guys.

I just saw two awesome Boldur skins in this link:
"Golden One" and “Black Dwarf”.
I never saw a player using any of these skins ingame, but they look very nice and I really want it lol.

How we get that?

Thank you all.

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So, our Australian (I think) friend has mined data from the game, to pull those assets. Most of them are as of yet unreleased. But everyone has or will have a gold skin and a “cyber” skin.

They look awesome. Boldur is one of my favorites so I can’t wait.

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Definitely waiting for the freak out over him being “black face” :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I think the trend is for the gold skin to be released through larger community events and the cyber skins through smaller ones like tournaments or social media


Totally agreed. Boldur is awesome and those skins too. :slight_smile:


Sorry, but what you mean with “cyber” skin? The black one?

The black and red ones yes

More dark grey…but i guess anythings possible after seeing some people freak out when that Egyptian Ambra skinned dropped over the potentiality of her originally being Brown skinned before she “turned”.

Couldnt help but think the subconcious narrative went like “My favoritist main is/was a black girl?! BLASPHEMY, she didnt even talk Ghetto!!”:smirk:

Anyway…LOVE these skins (even tho theyre just swaps from other characters)! Long as theyre not 1000 lol

He’s called black dwarf. You know that’s gonna bring rage :slight_smile: and people were upset that sustaining turns them white? :stuck_out_tongue:

Doubt it dude…the only people that could make a valid claim for that would be actual black people, no black person is going to make that silly reach. If anything it will be some other ethnicity implying an “issue” (tongue in cheek) with it for Trolls sake.

The Ambra line of thinking i observed was there was apparently some disbelief in that Ambra was (potentially) actually black…that she was made that way for Political Correctness sake…which was completely ridiculous.

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I doubt anyone will see it, because he doesn’t look like this.image

Also because there wasn’t anything close to black face in this thread before you mentioned it.


Okay okay, I just wanted to see someone throw a fit at something for the shiggles :wink: