Boldur the Punchbear, a WIP unarmed build

Or Punchstump? Punchrock? Ehh, whatever.

Moved from Boldur section since it wasn’t getting attention and I could use some help with this build. Like, gear to take, what helixes I should/shouldn’t have picked, etc. Not just fishing for fame or whatever you wanna call it, that’s just silly.

I’ll lay out the helixes and recommended gear, then go into depth later.

Speed and melee damage based

Level 1 – crash helmet, the other one is completely counterintuitive to our goal (punching, not axe-ing)

Level 2 – long distance dash, since Gather No Moss is sacrificing that juicy crit damage on stunned targets, and Pinballer sends you away from your target.

Level 3 – Depends. You’d think I’d want Stunning Blows, right? But you can take Boots of the Brute and it’ll be mostly fine. I personally prefer Deft Defender – it lets me charge in with shield up or lets me escape. If you take DD, you HAVE to take Headsplitter at…

Level 4 – Did you take Stunning Blows? DoT. Did you take DD? Headsplitter. You don’t need every slow, since you’ll have LOTS of movement speed.

Level 5 – Movespeed here. Speed, speed, speed. We ain’t no tank no more.

Level 6 – Salt the Wound (mutation). Increased melee damage to targets is what this means to me. Plus it’s a teamwide effect, so yeah. Axe and Boldurdash aren’t the main sources of damage in this build either.

Level 7 – Duh. Melee Damage.

Level 8 – Knockout Punch. I actually can’t remember what the left option is and I can’t access lowlidev’s updated helix builder right now, so I’m using the old one from My reasoning is still, MORE DAMAGE.

Level 9 – I’m stumped here. Sorry, that was a weak pun. Anyways, do you want max health on axe kill so you can take more hits? Or more axe cooldown so you can slow more (if you took axe slow)? Again, this helix depends on your level 3.

Level 10 – Shield Mastery. The left option only boosts Axe Damage, which would be great if I was going for a practical, normal axe build. The middle is not near as useful since the ultimate cooldown was doubled (you’ll use both skills while in your ultimate in less than 60 seconds). Shield Mastery lets you steal more health from the shots you took, letting you stay in the fight longer. Synergizes well with Deft Defender.

Recommended Legendaries: Pain-2-Gain Re-knitter, Vow of Vengeance, Vow of Zealous Fury, Boots of the Brute (if you didn’t take Stunning Blows), Blissbeast Skull Plate, Bloody Mess Burst Kit, Symbiotic Gauntlet, Emergency Auto-Medic, Natural Order

Symbiotic Gauntlet is great for this since it’s like a reverse effect of Knockout Punch. You’ll basically have a constant 18% melee damage boost with the two combined. Bloody Mess Burst Kit gives 13.65% attack damage boost while under 25% health, so take that if you want to hit really hard when you’re really low on health. Vow of Vengeance is the Vow of Vengeance, need I say more?

Vow of ZF… attack speed for days!

Reknitter if you want more survivability. Natural Order increases the bro-bond between you and enemy Eldrid by reducing damage you take from them, but it also reduces damage you deal to them. Blissbeast for sheer health regen, it’s a fantastic health regeneration legendary that isn’t even health regen. So go crazy with that if you want.

Boots of the Brute is self-explanatory; slow people you hit with melee. Nice piece of gear right there.


I don’t have much to add but I like unique loadouts like this. I’ll try it out. Sounds fun.

If it sucks, sorry, I actually haven’t tried it out yet. I just whipped it up while away from home.

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It actually looks like it would be surprisingly effective. I’d add a blue-level Eldrid Max Health item, a purple Attack Speed+Max Health, and a Jennerit gauntlet (+Attack Damage, +Attack Speed after landing a melee hit). Other than that, you’re pretty much spot on.

Did you do it yet? If so, did it work? I wanted to last night but I had to help a friend through some lore challenges and a PvE mission. And while I did play Boldur in the PvE mission, it’s not the same as PvP. Plus it was on normal, which made it a breeze.

Not yet. The boots of the brute is forever evading me and I’m stuck on the friendship raid but One day…One day I’ll get back to PvP and try it.

Ehh… they don’t matter too much. Your speed w/o axe + speed while Rage is active should be enough. If you still want Stunning Blows, though, go for it.

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