Boldur's Axe, life size carved in wood, for Charity

Unfortunately this probably isn’t going to happen.

  1. I had a high demand for White oak rice bowls this past season.
    Don’t have any to spare for this.
  2. The game appears to be on its last breath, doesn’t seem worthwhile.


Would this be a worthwhile project?

I’m a Lumberjack by trade and have a full workshop.

I’m fairly certain I could do this in hard woods, worthy of mounting on a wall.

Have been thinking maybe Gearbox could have a charity auction for it.
(Not asking for anything, this is intended for a good charity.)

Any thoughts?


if you want to, go ahead and go for it.

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Were I in GBX’s marketing division, I’d be down for such a thing. I feel like any sort of thing like this that involves active community participation is positive pub of the highest caliber.

The real question, of course: if making a big wooden axe spins your wheels, then I say go for it!


Do it that would be awesome!

OK, I’ll start soon.

You should try and make his shield also. Would be awesome if you could do both from the same tree.

Wow, this would be amazing to see. And it would be great for GBX to auction for charity.

I kinda want one too! Haha :wink:

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If you do make it I think we’d all agree that we would love to see pics of it

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The White Oak for this is slowly drying, will be ready for use around Oct.
(One or two of those slabs on top rack will be used)



Oh, hell yes. If you have the guts, make the head out of stone, but if that isn’t possible wood will look just as badass. That and the shield would be seriously cool.

Please keep us informed we’re all anxious to see the final results

The ball is rolling, on my end, but I’m concerned about it possibly being a waste of my time:

  1. No word from Gearbox if they might be interested, at all.

  2. I’ve got 100% good rating on Ebay but don’t have a clue about how to hold a charity auction.

  3. No idea who would hold this when done. Ship to Gearbox?

At this point we are just blowing pretty little bubbles.

@Jythri, @JoeKGBX is there someone @wisecarver can speak with to ask about this project?

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Hmmm… cool idea! I’m not sure I understand what you mean by:

Feel free to PM me and let me know what you’re thinking. No promises either way, but I’m interested to hear what you have to say!