Boldur's Axe, Shield & Stumps

Haven’t read any of his lore yet, even though I’ve unlocked most of it, but @lostkrouu and I were theorizing something:

Could Boldur’s Axe be made of enchanted wood?

Like his Shield?

The curve of his axe seems to almost match the curve in the top of the shield.

Boldur also has two tree stumps, a large back one and a smaller shoulder one.

Could his axe and shield potentially be carved from the living wood growing out of him?

Does Boldur have to trim his stumps?

I think it was implied that Boldur’s shield was a salvaged part from a sentinel.

But his axe might be wooden. It definitely LOOKS wooden, and they never really explain where or how he got.

Perhaps he grew it himself, from his own stump.

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“Haven’t read the lore yet”…

As with most Battleborn his weapons are explained in the lore.

Come back after you’ve read it.


I recall the game saying his axe is Runite.

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Should be in the Boldur’s Section

btw he have the same shoes than the Old Sentinel and if you look closely his belt, shoulder pads, tiara and shield looks like they are part of the same set than his shoes.

But his axe looks a bit different, but it’s a Runic Axe so who know ?

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