Boldur's Hotfix Nerf to Axe & Dash

Discuss, because we apparently can’t keep our wits about us.

My thoughts: Good start, GBX. Hopefully, though, if you’re going the nerf-Boldur’s-damage-route, you ought to reduce his bleed at level 4, and honestly just straight halve or remove the bleed on rune’d up Boldurdash - alter the level 8 helix as you wish.


I’m hopeful they nerfed this value because its a feature of him thats going to be unchanged after the patch, wheras everything else excessive about him is getting fixed in the patch and would be a pain to change now, and remember to change back when the patch launches.

Im hopeful.


Cruel and unfair :frowning: poor boldur. Even when hes OP nobody plays him, when hes not OP even less than nobody will play him :open_mouth: fix him and nerf him at the same time!


You should play him more to rectify that, dwaf.

Dwarves are stubborn, I’m not sure anybody can change that stump’s mind.

And while they’re nerfing that Dwarf , Give Caldy his old Gravity Manipulation mechanic that cannot be affected by a slow CC so he can actually be playable in competitive matches like he was before.

Gosh I can’t tell how much I’m angry when they did this to him.
He was so good back then in Meltdown matches and even Incursion.

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I can’t. I just can’t. :joy:. Oh boy. If only you knew…

you were about to say something ?

If they do that to caldi, melka needs to get an hp buff.

Both got nerfed because they are hard to pin! A good caldi/melka can dive and dance around the sentry chasing for kills.

You dont know what u r asking for.

What i think boldur needs to get in place is remove his ability to sprint while shielding. Without it he could not chase you inside your base while tanking the sentry and hiting you with his qm because now with the qm mechanic of not push back he can actually use it to chase.

His speed is 7.59 without axe 9.86 this is without gear or his lvl 5 30% speed. We have a character with “damage inmunity” of 2k worth hp sprinting inside your base and your only option to even try to stop him is use a stun or 2 maybe more, is all about how much dmg and how much dr/regen he has.


Remove the speed buff without the axe and a little bit more of his damage and Boldur would be perfectly fine for his role.

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The blocking while sprinting and extra shield, do people use that? Personally I prefer the slow on punch. He doesn’t really need either imo. More cc or more durability and mobility. And speaking of mobility I’m very confused my those movement numbers [quote=“dantesolar, post:9, topic:1561480”]
His speed is 7.59 without axe 9.86

What does that represent and how does that compare to other characters?

I take the speed while blocking normally

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Are there any particular reasons you prefer that over the slow? Are there situations where you do use the slow and if so what would that look like?
I’m not trying to critique your play style but if you know something I don’t I might change mine.

It mainly works for me running in with my shield up eating all the fire an enemy team can hit me with, fighting with them and just backing out with my shield raised (I use all regen gear so this cycle can potentially be repeated very quickly)

The slow I never felt really attracted to honestly it never clicked for my patterns of engaging

Why does boldur even get an overshield? He has a ton of health, DR, a shield and a small hit box. And good maneuverability.


It’s also worth mentioning that while you are axeless your movement speed is incredibly high making the slow punches not as good imo. You can either take a helix with limited boons or you can take a helix that magnifies your damage mitigation to stupid levels is the way I look at it

My pattern of engagement with the slow usually goes something like this.
Dash them into a wall
Hit them with axe toss
Run up with the bonus speed
Punch them (slow)
Body block while finishing them off
Block while backing away from the inevitable retaliation

I usually pick up my axe at some point between punching them to slow and blocking and backing away. I’m usually backing up when I’m blocking so the sprint while blocking has limited use for me most of the time.

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Something needs to be done about his quick melee. I suggest reducing his attack speed with it.

Because he is melee and his stun pushes the target away from you. The stun usually wears off about the time I get within melee range to follow up. Having them slowed as they come out of stun makes it much harder for them to get away while I try to finish them off.

“A good caldi/melka can dive and dance around the sentry chasing for kills”.
1.Senty hits you with bot aim , so it doesn’t matter if you “dance” around it.
2.Yes he can easily chase kills when the situation is 1v1, when it comes to competitve play, he can’t just chase kills without getting hit or shot.

And yet they gave him a buff due to community request .
How ironic.
I saw many players complain about him being weak (even before his big nerf) and there is a good reason.
He is an easy target to hit for hit-scan/shooter types (even if he double dashes the whole match).
So about the whole “the hunt is real” is nothing Caldy gets to easily do.

Caldarius main strenght came from the ability to overpower every melee type by mastering his gravity manipulation movement. And thats like mastering Genji from Overwatch.

Now that every/nost melee characters has a slow , Caldy slowely fades away to tier D.