Boldur's legendary gear's effect is confusing

Well, i’ve no idea how to understand this. When the Shield breakes Boldur gains 0% damage for +400% seconds? Is this a description mistake or does it say that there’s no effect (0% damage)?

// also what does that MAJOR stands for?

I’ve had the same problem. Seems broken.

Okay then, the Wizards from GBX should fix it before the release :smiley:

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Go home, Boldur Legendary; You’re drunk.


it means it costs major money of course.

Out of curiosity, where did that drop from?

Just a random game i think. Not from a Booster. Maybe from a challenge

Does anyone know if there is already a damage boost from the shield breaking? If so the legendary is probably meant to buff the duration not the damage (which is confusing given the highlighted text)

If there isn’t a damage buff already then, yeah, that legendary is broken.

I may try later but as I know there is no effect when Shield is broken

U get it from lore

Yeah, once you complete so many lore challenges, you get a character’s special item with unique perks.

I’m just staying away from this thing until it speaks more clearly.

boldur is bad at jokes. haaa, is joke.