Boldur's Legendary Item

Finally got four more people together to finish his lore challenge, only to be greeted with this image Stared at it for awhile before I decided it was bugged. Let this post be an early warning to anyone looking to obtain his legendary. Hopefully I can save you some disappointment. Side note…if anyone has the item with an actual value, I’d love to know what it is.

I really hope that they fix it or something because I love me some Dwarf!

Doesn’t that mean that he takes 0% damage from all sources for 4 seconds? Or am I reading it wrong?

Or is it supposed to buff his damage for 4 seconds? The wording and “0%” is throwing me off. Has anybody tried it out yet? I’m working towards unlocking this item.

Absolutely! He’s not at full potential without his legendary. Still a powerhouse though!

The way I interpreted it, would grant him bonus damage to all his damage, once the shield had broken. Unfortunately, 0% is not the correct value (I’m assuming). I would love to incorporate it into a build, but at a cost of 1800 shards, while missing its third buff, is just not reasonable. So let’s hope they can shed some light on the matter!

I have no idea then. Not sure if it’s a matter of confused semantics or an actual buggy item.

@JoeKGBX or @Jythri, can this be cleared up in terms of if it’s a bug or if it’s just an issue with the wording? How is this specific item supposed to work? Also, if it is bugged, is it going to be remedied during the next patch? Thanks in advance.

I feel like if it was supposed to make him immune to damage for 4 sec, it would be worded as such. Plus that ability seems kinda redundant seeing as how he would have to absorb 2000+ damage just to gain immunity for 4 sec. I feel that the damage buff acts almost as a failsafe. I haven’t really had issues with the shield breaking to begin with, but when it does, this item is supposed to boost your offense. Almost as a last resort, or an offensive tactic. Because if your shield breaks and your not running, its go time!

That makes sense. BUT if your shield breaks, that means you were doing your job at defending and taking 0% damage from all sources for 4 seconds could be a failsafe for you to GTFO before you’re killed by the enem(ies).

I can see it working either way though. The damage boost (if that’s what it is) has to be significant enough to encourage offensiveness over a hefty retreat. If your shield took 2k+ damage, you’re in some pretty deep shist already. lol

I dont think i’ll like this item no matter how much damage it adds. Shield rarely breaks, if it does you’re backed into a corner and greatly wounded, or you’re intentionally letting it break for the sake for a 4 second damage buff, which sounds silly.
Should be reworked to add damage when shield is at full, for offensive boldurs!

  1. It should just add attack speed instead of damage (He hardly ends up needing damage)

  2. Instead of the seemingly useless bonus, it should make you rage when your shield breaks. Giving you a sort of last ditch effort, and even more survivability.

Oh yeah for sure. I ran with him in an Incursion map and I was behind there lines and ended up with 3 of them on me. I pulled them back to behind OUR lines blocking, shielding, stunning the whole way. Ended up getting my team to get to me in time and I ended up with a triple kill axe toss explosion lol

Hey there, it’s supposed to grant a 25% boost to all damage for 4 seconds after his shield (the physical one) is overloaded, giving you a chance to rage for a bit when your defense breaks. Maybe attack speed would’ve been better…? Anyway, we’ve been patching at this Gear for a while now, and it just keeps finding ways to not wanna be patched. :confused:

I’m currently checking on the status of the Gear, but I think it’s actually working now, it’s just the item card display number that’s still being troublesome.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Boldur fans! We’ll get it wrangled shortly!


I tested it in game and my damage was not increased :frowning: 25% is quite a bit but the only possible use i can imagine out of it is intentionally letting the shield break and then throwing out a really strong runic axe or bashing them into a corner and hitting them a couple times.

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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Good to finally have something to go on. I could see how attack speed would be beneficial. While he hits like a truck, it’s very slow truck. I guess it comes down to whether I can get more damage from a 25% increase in attack damage from his combo string, or if giving him more speed to execute said combo will raise the dps above the 25% overall. No one wants to eat Boldur shots, so I feel damage might get the most from it, but the thought of breaking that shield and unleashing a flurry of attacks from a super-speed-honey-badger Boldur is frightening! Either way, good luck with the fix! Thanks again!

I could see how intentionally letting the shield break could be plausible. I usually choose the helix to give it more resilience, but let’s say I choose the other. Now I’m intentionally soaking damage, shield breaks, now boldurdash, axethrow with damage increase helix, now barehand with damage increase helix, all gaining an additional 25% damage increase. That’s some serious damage right there. Plus, by then the shield should be up and ready to go again. Talk about an offensive boldur lol.

Boldur’s item doesn’t want to be patched? Go figure. It’s as stubborn and persistent as Boldur.


Very nice! Bet it felt great. Its funny too, I’ll be able to run all the maps backwards, because, you know, boldur.

That probably has something to do with it!

The reason I went with all damage for this is to give Boldur options. He can either launch into a combo if the enemy is right in his face when the shield breaks, or if they’re a bit away, he can either respond with a big ol’ Boldurdash or a mighty Axe throw. And yeah, 25% is quite the boost, but that 4 sec is only enough for one combo or one skill (maybe a boldurdash/axe combo if you’re real quick).

I don’t know why you’d trust CDI Link about the well being of anybody. I mean, look at him.