Boldurs punching

So his punching is obviously weaker than axe… But its actually so much weaker that its better to basic-melee rather than punch. Unless you pick the Slow on hit helix for some reason, i mean basic melee can knock people back so its just a different control for no helix. Fists are good just for move speed bonus and there really isnt enough axe throw + fist synergy. Would like to see Boldurs axe STICK in people, and if you punch them you rip it out, dealing bonus damage. The “return axe” helix already has anti-synergy and the skill has so low damage its really not worth focusing on so that helix could go for something else. Not to mention you get an axe helix to slow enemies if you throw it at them, so now you are bare fist, and there is another helix to slow them when you punch them? Little redundant. Just another thing in boldurs Helix to look at >: |

An attack speed bonus for being axeless in addition to movment speed would help make it more desirable, with the increased speed compensating somewhat for the decreased damage (shouldn’t be equal though. You should have decreased damage output without axe.)

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