Bombardier Brick - how long is it viable?

I’ve been tossing this idea around in my head for a while now - how long can a rockets-only Brick make it in this game? Everyone says splash damage gets eaten by the terrain, launchers are just underpowered (I’m in this camp), and lots of other stuff about why they are underutilized.

So I started up a new Brick and made him some stuff. I plan on using exclusively rockets for this character. So far my mat3 bombardier gives me one rocket per 15 seconds or so…might be doing a bit of waiting around, at least until my aim gets a little better!

I forsee some issues - there are a lot of enemies that really need critical hits to kill them, and launchers can’t crit. How am I going to kill crab worms? Spiderants? Other stuff I can’t think of right now? Time will tell…


Yes, keep us updated, I wanted to try that myself…

So far so good…killed Nine Toes last night in the few minutes I had. I’m not sure when regular launchers start showing up, but at level 6 my level 1 launcher is already taking two shots to kill a chump bandit with a shield…

The first time I ever found a Rocket Launcher was in Lost Cave, so that’s the bare minimum.

I once found a shock Lawnchair in the red chest in Skag Gully, the one at the end of the long Bladeflower route.

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To add something constructive to the thread - I just dug up an old Brick save and I can confirm - Bombardier Brick does work against most enemies if you have good items, but bring a backup weapon just in case.

I’ve taken a RL-based Brick to 69. I actually really enjoyed getting a launcher of each element and just spamming them with the Bombadier regenerating those rockets fast enough to keep up. There are some enemies (Knoxx comes to mind immediately, but I think there are others) that completely resist splash damage, so you will need to have a few guns lying around to deal with them.


Yep, I was expecting to have an issue with Knoxx. I’m going to try to use no other guns whatsoever, except in cases like this where it’s literally impossible.

No time to play lately but I’ll get around to it…


Played a bit last night, got some level 10 launchers from the Underdome vendor that are unremarkable parts-wise, but a bit improvement from the level 1 I started with.

Ammo is a problem, as expected. Fighting through the seeds of your pants area took a while…had to wait for regen in between the skag spawn areas.