Bombet Oz Kits - The Bomb

IMO, aside from 3ddie, Bomber Oz Kits are one of the best out there.

Get yourself some Homing Cryo or Shock Transfusion grenades (or a Bonus Package), find a distant corner, jump, throw a bunch of grenades, go scavenge more grenade ammo, repeat, win.

You forgot the Ack Ack.

Started to appreciate Vladof’s legendary Oz-Kit alot more after it proved being usefull against EOS, and to a smaller extend RK5 (or whatever the damn thing is called).

Acrobat Oz Kits are great aswell.

Anyway, to not dwell off any further, Claptrap can make great use of Bombers I guess.

What’s a “Bombet” oz kit?

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It’s a secret and ultra rare Legendary Oz kit…


@ACNAero @FlamesForAll

Scav’s futile attempt at copying Torgue. After all, they only have one Oz-Kit under their belt.

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Yeah, Ack Ack is cool, although i personally prefer Clear Skies…

To each their own.

Personally, I think the Ack Ack works better for Athena. The flak it creates is highly damaging aswell.
Besides, the firerate bonus is granted upon hitting a flying enemy, instead of having to kill it.

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