Bond move acquired or Algorithm Glitch?

In the algorithm it’s possible to climb through the ventilation system and sneak into the facility, past the Lazer grid like a true spy thriller! (All objectives get completed including disable the vent system eventhough the shard is clearly intact.)

Unfortunately this either causes the Henchm4n to not spawn or causes a regular Bulwark to spawn in its place. The robot arms point us down toward the hidden helix points and say not to trip lazers, the dialogue talks about avoiding lazers.

Is any of this intended? It certainly feels like it yet the slightest deviation will cause the game to not progress or to spawn different enemies. So I’m stumped.
Different permutations of checkpoints cause different scenarios to happen. (Such as invincible shards vs breakable shards, enemies vs no enemies, alarms vs no alarms etc)

Why reward us with helix points for getting off the map if it’s not intended? What is the significance of the robot arms pointing us in this direction and telling us to not cross lazers? Is it all just because REASONS? @JoeKGBX I don’t like pinging unnecessarily but could we possibly get a “keep on trying” or “hey, stop breaking the game”? Please and thank you.


Ben and ISIC can break that map.
ISIC can skip most of the map.
Ben can fly to a Dev secret chest below that entire area, it’s very hidden.

Yeah there is a lot that is possible. My question though is how much of it is intended?

Are we really supposed to sneak in and surprise Isic somehow as he mentions in the dialogue? Are we not supposed to set off alarms/challenges?
Are the robot arms just for decor and not for direction? It’s been almost a year of wondering.

Ben can get to the end without activating anything but the boss won’t spawn. The henchman is the only boss you have to fight in order to fight isic. Is this a glitch or intended? (Edit* I don’t mean to sound confrontational, just very curious)

Good questions, I wish the Devs even answered questions.
It’s like someone, you know the guy, has them on a leash :wink:


*shakes fist at the air.

Patience is a virtue I guess :smile:

Edit* lol Even Pendles can get under the map here. It’s almost like the TFR engine room pipes were a training ground for this.

Dev chest? Footage or pics, pls?

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They always contain helix points as long as you are under level 8.

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So how do I get there?

Off the cliff to the right of the ventilation shafts before the Henchman. There is a hole in the floor pictured above with Pendles. You can climb through the map that way or fly around the backside with Benedict. Underneath the first checkpoint

I’ll post a video of the path later if no one else does. It’s really fun. I’m pretty sure anyone with a dash can get there so it’s not Benedict exclusive.

Interestingly enough Pendles can avoid tripping the alarms by riding (or walking lol) on the minecart to the left of the bridge before entering this hole.


I’m looking forward to the video, because I’ve never heard of this. Interesting!

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It certainly has me intrigued. Sorry I got a little lost in the middle so it looks confusing for a bit.

The vent I throw the stars at after dropping inside is where you can get into the boss room.