Bone Crusher in Toby dlc bugged?

Several players and myself have noticed this.
When you first jump into the room you are often insta killed with no fight happening.
The amount of damage shown isn’t a shock but for this to happen each time seems to show a bug.
Once you respawn and come back the fight with the Bone Crusher is normal.

Anyone else notice this?

I know I got killed by Barrels a lot… but he didn’t insta kill me without them yet.

Haven’t been instakilled by it yet. Died once because it chained a lot of damage faster than I would have liked, but never an instakill.

Looking at the self-damage assist, I’m wondering if there’s some sort of map collision going on, or maybe the game registering you as being knocked off the map around the edge of the shaft. Any clues in video replay? I’ve accidentally ridden the ascending crates too long and ended up magically back at the bottom, so it’s not inconceivable that there are some other glitch spots around that area.

Edit: do you also take fall damage in BB? (You don’t in BL, unless it’s off the map)

…It seems that way, same exact spot this morning Rivaire and I were teamed, I was cloaked as Pendles that time.
Ambra finished with a high score, 100 OPs, and that was the only death, normally even Aria can’t kill me as Ambra.

There is no self-damage. Green is healing (it even says so).

This has happened to me as well. Insta killed by the bonecrusher in the same manner.

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