Bone of Ancients... explosive?

Why dont you guys think they added in Explosive and Slag elements to this awesome relic?

It’s bone of the ancients the blood adds health and ammo. An explosive bone would be the only relic Axton would ever need. I would never use a slag bone myself.

They don’t work the same as other elements. Only a few non torgue weapons can be explosive, and slag damage doesn’t have it’s own special multiplier. Boosting slag damage would basically just be like having reaper always active for your slag weapons, but the whole point is to slag and swap for more damage.

Thanks, fixed it! so you think they didnt because of how overpowered it would be?

Nah bones are really good to start with. I use them all the time. I mean explosive relics exist why they didn’t just add cooldown rate to it is beyond me.

Right? unless they knew it would be all Axtonbplayers ever used, but still.

A bone is what almost all maya players use.

That’s what I’m gonna use when I find one

Corrosive bone plus cloud kill. Enough said.


It’s so strange hearing people talk about how good cloud kill is now. Last year, Cloud Kill was a long running joke :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s so good!!!

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When I first played the game I was like an acid cloud? THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!! Then I used it and went THERES NO EXPLOSIONS! !

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There used to be jokes and challenges and funny videos about Cloud Kill…and how worthless it was.

Well…not any more.

And it’s a HUGE boost for Maya in that tree because Cataclysim containd just a BUNCH of DoT skills that were rather useless…

And one needed to get to Ruin.

Plus Cloud Kill is only one point!!

QUESTION: Do the wonderful new DoT effects for Maya spill over into Blight Phoenix as well??

Not from what I’ve read. I wouldn’t use it anyway because of barrels.

@adamplaga: At a guess, it was to enhance DoT, which neither explosive nor slag provide.