Bone of the ancients (corrosive)

Does anyone want to trade me a corrosive bone of the ancients? Would really Appreciate it :slight_smile: i’m currently op6 so preferably not higher Level than that :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ve got a spare but it’s OP8. Looking to trade for a lvl 72ish Legendary Assassin CM for a Zero
buddy. If you don’t have the CM it’s no problem, you’re still more than welcome to the relic!

I can take it if you Don’t mind :slight_smile: i think a friend has What you are looking for so i might be able to get you one later. Add me if u want :slight_smile: “thehorror13” :slight_smile:

It’s yours, be cool if you can pick up the CM but no worries if you can’t!

I’ll fire an FR over - I’m GMT zone.

I have a lv 72 one if you like :slight_smile:

Thank you But I got to op7 yesterday and the one i got from dogstar13 was op7 so I have one I can use now :slight_smile: But Thanks so much anyways :slight_smile:

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Dog, as far as my (admittedly most limited) knowledge stretches, the legendary c m’s for Zer0 are:

  • Hunter
  • Killer
  • Ninja
  • Sniper
  • and then some slay of some worm named Terra version

Could you, perhaps, be a bit more specific as to whether it is prominently distance rifle fire, sword slicing or flames your friend aim at using for causing death …?

Meanwhile, Zerkus :dukecigar:

There is a CM just called “legendary assassin”. Think That’s the one he is after :slight_smile:

Hey Z, looks like you’re right, never bothered with Zero so I just assumed there would be an
assassin one. Checked with my buddy and it’s either a Legendary Ninja or Hunter he was
after, thanks for the heads up buddy!

@thehorror13, if you do come accross a Ninja or Hunter please hit me up.