Bone of the Ancients, OP8 ligitemet max status

Ok so I am looking to get the record straight on the Max Status OP8 Relics in current day gameplay. I have seen screenshots and posts elsewhere bosting 39% elemental damage and 47% Cooldown rate O.O to me that is um… kinda nuts seeing as I have always seen the ball park of 30 for ele and 40 for CD rate with my highest bring a drop of 35/43 and all my other relics seem to be close to that since 72. Was the relic patched and had brought down before the 2015 patch? Or is it just a super rare chance that the OP relics actually climb in stats above the 72 ranges.

I think its 39 for the damage and 47 for the cooldown.
I don’t think it matters wether its OP8 or not though. You can get max stats on a lower level one.

That is what it says in the relevant max stats list - link here:

So confirmed game item OP8 max stats are 39%/47%.


Love that list. I have it bookmarked for reference.


This is amazing!!! Thank you so much