Bone Shredder Hybrid?

Hi there,
New to the forums, i was wondering if you could help me
Somebody said they got a legit Bone Shredder with ammo regeneration to drop, is this possible?
He assured me it was legit…I just want confirmation before i start farming for it, don’t want to waste my time etc
Could someone who is experienced in weapons, or a game dev please tell me if it’s true
When the Bone Shredder spawns with a Tediore Savior accessory it grants it ammo regen, so it makes it a super rare spawn

Did i just get lied to?, i really want to know

I’ve never heard anybody mention it before, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work. Bone Shredder gets it’s effect from the magazine, and the Savior gets the regen from the body…

So yeah, I think it could work.

Yeah i know that, but by combining those 2 effects makes this gun a hybrid…so my question is, does this gun drop legitametly from the game?..Not interested in whether this weapon “could” drop but rather is it legit, i hope that makes sense
And thanks for your comment!

Yes it can drop legitimately

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Thanks Nola, much appreciated

Borderlands Hybrid Weapons


Dove Hornet
Friendly Fire Boom Stick
Rhino Roaster
Nemesis Invader
T.K.‘s Wave Bulldog
Reavers Edge Penetrator
Ajax’s Spear Ogre
Bone Shredder Savior
Chiquito Amigo Protector
Kyros’ Power Cyclops

From the wiki. Thought it might help. :wink:

Ok I’m convinced now, thanks guys

I’ve had a couple before… Pretty easy farm and a decent weapon. Definitely better smgs out there but it will hold it’s own… I ran one on a soldier with fire rate and clip size class mod if I recall correctly when I did a run with mostly smgs.

Still worse than Tediore Savior with good parts. Hybrid weapons would be awesome if only at least most of them were more powerful than guns they’re based on.

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