Bonecrusher Thrall Has A Ranged Attack Now

Quite surprised I haven’t seen a thread about this yet.

I noticed last Friday that the Bonecrusher (single) Thrall in Incursion now has a ranged Attack, a dark purple and black Lightning spear.

He will use it if you damage him and hang back out of Melee range.

@loving-hatred says its a lightning spear Attack from a Beastmaster thrall in PVE.

Just a heads up.

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Does it also have a second knock up? I’ve been getting knocked up by it twice consecutively, like immediately after. Maybe a glitch in cooldown when they added the ranged attack?

I’ve had the same double knockup. Very annoying.


Geez I havent played in a few months and I come back to see the thrall doing that? Like killing the thrall wasnt tedious enough

There was a Stealth fixes thread, days a go, where ppl were mentioning some log unregistered fixes, “and tis but a detail m’lord” why create a thread for it then, maybe that’s why :wink:

Err im pretty sure they had this ranged attack before the ai rework, only use skills vs minions.

About the doble knock up i Have no idea if is new or bugged, but is fun to get thralls :slight_smile:

Sry for the low Quality


You’re saying the Melee thrall always had ranged Attack in PVP but would only use it on Minions?

No, im trying to say, before the ai change in pvp thralls; they used that ranged attack.

The ai change made thralls less aggresive vs battleborn but more aggresive againts minions

I had never had a Melee thrall use any ranged attack against me before ever in all my time at Pvp…


Well im sure they used to do it, i remember being marquis, feelings badass because they couldnt reach me and started to throw purple things slowing me.

Got scared and ran away… So cute and noob

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