Bonus Boss Loot is great, can we keep it this way?

I think it’s fair to say that dedicated drops have been an issue since September. We have begged and pleaded for fixes, and now we get a proper improvement in a week long event.

Many players wished for the Bloody Harvest event to stay. Revenge of the Cartels was even more popular and had an even bigger request to be made permanent. These were much more immersive than the Bonus Boss loot event that included maps and in-game interactions even intertwined with holidays(in some cases). I understand the decision to keep these bigger events limited.

But the Bonus Boss Loot week long event is not that complex. It simply gives us the dedicated drop rates that we have been wanting desperately. While there are issues with RNG and polluted loot pools that this won’t fix, it is a running head start.

This isn’t even a new idea, in case you missed it before there is a LOT of great discussion that is still 100% relevant now in this thread. There have been dozens of great ideas thrown about on this site for an improvement.

We made a realistic request when we asked to make the Cartel annointments permanent. I feel like making this event permanent isn’t out of reach and would be a massive improvement to BL3.


I personally like being able to farm for something this easily BUT will Legendary loot be truly legendary if it was 100% guaranteed with every kill? Like, it’s already bad atm in the sense that Legendaries are more common than white/green gear.

Higher droprates, yes, sure. 100%? No.

Idk, with BL3 it feels as though everyone wants to be handed the perfect piece of gear they want without them having to work for it. It kind of feels anti-Borderlands in a strange way. I’m not excited about seeing a Legendary anymore and I see that as a bad thing.


Yeah but on the other hand, with the layers or RNG in this game you need those excessive drops to get anything remotely specific.

I understand the concept of legendary fear not feeling special, but at endgame the viable non-unique purple gear is even fewer and further between.

Gear balancing is still an issue, but at least with this “event” we can farm decent versions of gear in much better time. You still have to farm, and a perfect roll on something can still take hours to get if you’re looking for something very specific.


Until a solution comes with all the RNG walls in weapon and gear I prefer it stays this way or tad bit turn down and stays permanently. It because of this I’m on the move in getting my VHs to level 60… at a slow pace… I won’t get a chance for a week to do this since I’m not too convinced to play this game over 2 hours a day.

This weekly event got me back on but once it gone I’m going return back to a certain game that been having my attention for a month


Why do people like you always chime in on these threads and conveniently ignore how anointments make or break gear to the point where it is simply no longer enough for a specific legendary to drop, but the specific legendary, with the right rolls, and the right anoint/element? Legendaries stopped being legendary the moment anointments were introduced at the beginning of BL3’s release.


As long as anointments are a massive factor in build viability I’m a fan of these drop rates. Even with guaranteed dedicated drops I still went hours and hours without the Clairvoyance I was looking for. So it’s not like this removes grinding or anything, just makes it bearable. And for the insane min-maxers out there we still have class mods and artifacts which have an insane amount of variety due to passive effects, so getting that truly perfect gear setup is still near impossible.


Sometimes these events are a way for them to test out an idea before committing to it. They have always planned to boost the dedicated drop rates (mentioned in their 2.0 Dev Fine-Tuning Mayhem post). This event would be a way to see how much of a boost is enough.


And I would be fine without 100% drop rates, but damn it’s nice farming ATM.

how is it without having to work for it? youre still dealing with 1 in 50 60 annointment rng and 1 in 5 element .

which still is in 300 and is about the run youre expecting when trying to get perfect harold from tongue vending machine


As others said, in endgame you farm more than legendary itself. Farming perfect COM is something like 0,00031% chance at 100% drop rate, and it’s only for passives, if you add skills it’s even worse. Similar for artifacts.
Guns are in better spot, but still 0,2% for specific element and anointment is low, and again it’s before you add parts rng.
All of this is for 100% drop rate per item, now we have it per loot pool which is far from guaranteed drop.


I think that we can all agree that the only real legendary’s in the game now is perfect annoints and passives, so let’s keep this event going and make this games RNG farm more bearable :smiley:


Exactly, this is what has made the high drop rates a dire necessity.

100% drop rates do seem to take away from the “Legendary” moniker, but for any sort of a positive farming experience it’s the only way to combat RNG at this time.

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I am absolutely for this. Even with 100% drop rates on dedicated, I farmed for 2-1/2 hours yesterday trying to get a Flipper with a sentinel cryo annoint, or at least an ASA 200% for my Zane, and never got one. For bosses like Traunt, who has more than one dedicated drop, I was still having many runs in a row with no Kaoson drop, and of the 11 that dropped in the 45 minutes I hit him, only 2 had annointed that worked for any of my builds. As much RNG is in this thing, we need these sorts of drop rates to stand a chance of getting the perfect rolls. Especially if you’re actually going to try to farm coms or relics. I think they need to keep the dedicated rates at or near where they are now, and if anything, reduce world drops a little…


If we arent going to get a way to re-roll/transfer annoints/passive bonuses, this is exactly what this game needs.


Even with this the event, farming is an exercise in futility. Out of 50 Killavolt kills yesterday, I had to have gotten at least 40 Monarchs and not one of them had the right element and annointment. Reflux farming is even worse. Same with King/Queen’s Call weapons. I got a lot of them but none were the right annointment.

Annointments have broken the game and made it not fun to play. The most success I had was dropping everything to M6 so I have no need for an annoint and can use a much wider range of items.


Exactly this! It Just levels out the frustration a bit.
Keep it, plus!


I agree 100%. I keep trying to enjoy this game again but it’s just not there for me. I farmed for over 2 hours after this event started and got a lot of the weapons that I was looking for, but none of the anointments. If all anointments are weighted equally, why do I keep getting the same crappy ones all the time? Stop giving me anointments for other classes. If I want those, I’ll farm using those classes.


I post this in the hotfix thread and stand by it:

`This boss drop rates feel really satisfying. If it was up to me, I’d reduce the overall level of legendary world drops, buff purple weapons to bring more of them in the limelight and then have dedicated drop rates increase with Mayhem level.

Mayhem 0: current levels
M1: 10% chance
M2: 20%
M3: 30%
M4: 40%
M10: 100% to get at least one dedicated drop from your chosen boss. Most bosses have more than one drop so the farming becomes about getting the anointment you want on your weapon of choice.`

Did some farming this afternoon and finally got my perfect Clairvoyance and Unseen Threat, along with some decent K/Q’s Calls. Felt great!


They’ve sometimes used these short events to test drive things which are later put in permanently. Main example which comes to mind is the scaled Takedowns and then we also got to keep the Cartel anointments after them becoming so popular.

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They want to artificially inflate the numbers of people playing the game and how often they play. Best way to do that? Force a grind.