Bonus Boss Loot is great, can we keep it this way?

Got to correct myself. The event is apparently still on. But the agonizer is still bugged! Cooperation on loot doesn’t work and the dedicated drops aren’t according to the event either… Anybody else experiencing this?

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I used to partake in the BL2 events, 1Life and Hunts, and they are great way to enjoy the game, get some money for charity, meet new players etc. But do you really think the rest of the player base should suffer because of that ?


My Mrs has dropped the game now until the next DLC. I’ve actually enjoyed farming this week but I’ll be joining her once the drops go back. Farming just isn’t fun, kill a boss 50 times, get the drop, yeah annoint is trash and start again. On console it’s painful.

Ive probably put 12-15 hours into the game this week (with work and other commitments it’s all I can manage) and I still only got a decent monarch and backburner (even that isn’t the one I want but it works). I’ve got about 30 reflux and 15 king queen’s calls but they all have wrong annoints.

To get 30 reflux would take me months with the original drops and I still wouldn’t have the right one. I don’t mind farming but that’s way too much. You need to keep these drops going.


As it has been mentioned, if 100% drop rates were tied to M10 The Hunt event would still work. They might have to make slightly more specific requirements for targeted loot, like a +5 Spiritual Driver etc.

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Yeah, I’m going to miss this event. It felt like my time was well spent playing even when I didn’t get the right anointment, skills, passives, or prefixes.

I was able to go and farm gear reliably and it felt good finding things I want/need and stuff that may be useful in the future.


Well, Patchnotes are up. We lost this battle friends.


For now. If they ever gonna add it to the game we need to wait at least for the end of actual mini events series.


Yeah, hopefully they will build from positive feedback from threads like this one.

Whats crazy is that I predicted this a long time ago.


This has been a popular request for months now, with several great threads of support. Shame we can’t get something pushed through. Maybe we might get something once this event series ends.

They never gonna do it , for them 100% make the game to easy , i don’t think the Dev’s knows about the numbers behind the loot/anoints/perfect gear , the game is just a mess right now for late game , i’m gonne take a break till the DLC4


Yes it’s a lot more enjoyable when the boss/rare enemies drop their dedicated loot more often.

However I don’t think this should be base. Personally I would like to see Moxxi cocktails return, with one of them being something to guarantee dedicated drops for an hour or something. IMO that would be a lot more interesting that just having them drop their stuff 80% of the time all the time.


They already have those Borderlands Science boosters, just change how they work.

My thought on this taking the 100% loot drop event and bounce it in between maps on a weekly basis. For example: One week the all named, boss enemies, and anything with a devoted drop in say Lectra City will have a 100% drop rate for 1 week. The next week, The Splinterlands, gets this buff to drop rates. There are enough maps around for about 9+ months of dong this.
You could also get inspiration from the loot the universe event and make the map a whole planet, and switch it up every week. You could even pair up a planet and a DLC together for 100% loot drops to encourage people to buy the dlc.

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Those are a serious pain to get.

Moxxi cocktails were better. Pay X eridium and you get a boost for an hour. Easy, simple, and you don’t have to play a silly puzzle game for it.

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Even if they double the events effect the problem would stay the same, the insane amount of annoitments for weapons. If I’m right there are 47, maybe 1 or 2 less or more. This reduces the drop chance for a specific version extrem, perfect examples are Kaoson and monarch.
Let’s say you get 2 monarchs every kill, guaranteed (even during last event that wasn’t even nearly the case) and the chance for elements and parts would all be same.
Ok we want an rad monarch x8 with 100% sntl cryo.

100% / 6 = 16.66% (5elements+ kinetic)
16.66 / 2 = 8.33% (x4 or x8)

Now the anoitment comes into play and ■■■■■ the whole thing up.
8.33% / 47 = 0.18 %

Oh yeah I forgot to double the effect of the event or let’s triple it (3 monarchs every kill)

0.18% * 3 = 0.54%

Drop chances are not part of the problem and will never solve our problem in any way.

Zkarmaa’s vids on YouTube explain it better and way more accurate than me.

We have to open our eyes and complain about the right things.
Boss drop event looked great yeah but in fact it did it change much. (For weapons)
Ok 1 thing, we at least saw our item drop.

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Drop chance for most elemental version of guns is 8,2% (59% for kinetic, 41% for 5 elements), and now we have 40 anointments that can spawn on guns, so 0,205% for specific element and anointment at 100% drop rate. If you add parts rng it’s way worse.


Numbers can be so frustrating :sob:
But to see your item drop and 99.9789% of the time , you’ll get disappointed. That’s the worst thing ever.

GBX, we already got 2 items that are nearly impossible to farm for specific ones, com’s and artefacts.
So plz get rid of 80% of the anoitments :weary:


Well, the perfect BL3 world would be with anointments similar to TPS value, nice bonus, not a main thing. That of course requires to rebuild entire Mayhem 2.0 back to M1.0 but I guess that’s not gonna happen.


Buffing skill trees to replace lowered annointment inflation would be a MASSIVE improvement to BL3. Not only would it help out the grind for annointments, but if skill trees had more weight I think it would help build diversity.