Bonus content went missing

So. Still can’t figure out what happens to my bonus stuff. I went to the mailbox clicked it and everything dissolved and I have no idea where it went and if I can get it back. Please help!

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I had the very same thing happen. My deluxe $100 special edition bonus items arrived, I clicked on them and they are gone. I checked the new you station nothing. I thought perhaps I have to wait until I get to Sanctuary. Still nothing. It’s obviously not game breaking ,but I paid $40 extra for this content and would like to receive it.



Mods, there’s (at least) another thread about the SDL content disappearance - can I ask you to, please, merge? :pray:

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Same here. Deluxe edition on PS4. My friend and I played co-op and opened mail together. Received the Toybox weapons and loot/xp boosts but all the cosmetic items have vanished - not in new you or trinkets. Have tried all the usual things - log out, shutdown/restart etc. Nothing. Same happened to my friend.

Yep I had the same issue on ps4, all the skins and all bonus stuff gone from Felix edition… really would like them back