Bonus elemental annointments break the game and guns gearbox please

hello gearbox hello hi i am so tired, why do bonus elemental dmg on action skill end or during action skill up time cause extra projectiles? why does same type not stack twice? why are the damage values so damn high?

things that recursion can do with all this unintended clunky design is ridiculous i am instagibbing bosses on m4 ffs.

1.your shield gives bonus elemental dmg +1 projectile to spawn that element of dmg nade gives you bonus elemental dmg spawn another for it
3.your guns ase annointment

jesus christ do you even see any high end gameplay? it is full of exploiting bad coding in game.

either have these bonuses be applied without projectile multiplication or drasticly reduce the dmg or scarp it all together. how do you like that lol when most of your player base is playing in ASE state rather than active AS state.

it is filthy disgusting generally on multy pallet guns but recursion is peaking at ridiculousness


pretty boy phase gibs in the begining fabriactor gibs in the end you can do same with valkiries same with wotan i mean cmon ffs

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lol the recursion is pretty silly!

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I mean gimmick weapons aside, that obviously pros can choose not to use…

I assuming Mayhem 2.0 will seperate the men from the boys in high end gameplay…


the thing is recursion is fine it is just ase bonus dmg that makes it ridiculous.

also there is no such thing as boys to man separation in this game. it is literally pve you can replicate anything anyone can do unless you have some physical disability…


As a phrase, I just meant that difficulty increases will come and not everyone rises to the challenge.

This can be irrespective of physical ability, sometimes it can be a choice, life demands, or a different outlook on what constitutes a game. For those people they might see broken as fun.

If you want data for this: just look at the amount of hits Youtude videos get on BL3 glitches vs the amount of likes on any forum topic here.

I personally have not tried the Recursion…

But the main point I would rather emphasise is that, regardless of these outliers, people can choose loadouts to match their skill. Just like people did when running OP levels with white weapons in BL2. Something far beyond my skill-set.


i am quite tired of self imposed challenges tbh been there done that and will do it again but that is just bad game design.


Surely, every time we choose a new build we do some degree of self imposed challenge?

I agree with you, from a previous post, that the end game balance might be better with a less anointment focused balancing, and a whole restructuring around damage output (correct me if that’s not accurate…)

But I can’t see the devs changing that approach now - especially after hearing some comments on the Boarderlands show.

So these strange interactions, when I find them, I kind of like them. Then get bored and move onto something else…

I don’t even know why I make an effort to defend them. Even many I have not used…

Maybe they are like Hopeful Monsters… I enjoy them like a scientist might a natural selection mutation -that I don’t want to go extinct…

But perhaps that’s just too naive…

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Don’t think we should nerf ASE elements as much as buff the others, add more variety of them and make them drop often enough that we can experiment and find new builds.

The entire concept of Annointed Items is horrible for the health and longevity of the game and should be scrapped. The annointments mentioned in the op are particularly bad.

Annointed Items is a large part of the reason that BL3 is stalling so hard.


you can never buff accuracy or slide speed to match extra pallets spawning out of thin air, nothing can beat it outside of slapping ridiculous damage for breathing and stuff like that


in my opinion they should scrap all the ASE annointments and continue on forward with the ones they brought to the game lately that just enhance different playstyles. not only does ASE break the game with various mechanics that takes it obscene levels, some VHs are better at proccing them than others and the gap between VHs will just increase as more ASE annointments are added to the game.

And i think one of the reasons for why moze doesn’t have any annointment that works while in iron bear is that they are both treated as different things. i think they would have to recode iron bear to get annointments working for him, or something and this is not great for future bear.

EDIT: Also, while i don’t have a problem with the concept of adding burst damage potential, i think that kind of thing should be restricted to character skills. having to many ASE annointments that you can stack ontop of eachother just creates odd combat pacing. enemies feel bulletsponge until you activate your bonus damage annointments and suddenly, you steam roll most things. issues is multiplied when these annointments also proc extra projectiles etc.


I could see this working. Instead of rewarding players for NOT using their clone, do something that makes them work. Moze has some anointments that bonus her for having autobear out. She should also get rewards for actually being inside autobear.


I disagree completely :innocent:.

At the thousand foot view anointments are a way to expand skill trees without the time sink and other constraints required to add their functionality as actual skills in the vault hunter’s skill trees. Their execution/implementation may be flawed, as is expressed by @Hexxusz0r on this topic, but conceptually I think they are a good addition to the franchise and the Borderlands formula. So given that this is their first outing and that this is GBX I’m not surprised by the outliers.:grin:

Finally, I think @Hexxusz0r feedback is valuable even if nothing changes in this game (it may be too late) because the system can be refined in future games.


there is one on grenades that has a chance to drop a grenade when iron bear recieves damage.

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that is true, it’s also bugged in that you have to re-equip it each time. it’s probably only the weapons that are in a “unequipped” state while inside iron bear. but then again, the 25% action skill damage on granade throw doesn’t work with iron bear either and most relics effects doesn’t, flesh melter as an example. but who knows, maybe they haven’t added ones for different reasons. perhaps they though IB were already powerful as is.

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Honestly when we get mayhem 2.0 we need an anointment 2.0. Fix the current good anoints, cull all the bad ones (mainly moze ones/class specific ones that are worse than general ones) and add in some new ones.

As they add more it’s just going to become a convoluted mess

a dream never killed a man eh? :))) too bad they never consult with people who know their game by numbers and mechanics (not me)

Yea I was expecting my rakks to be less radioactive by now.

This is what a level cap increase has potential to fix, if they care about the state of anointments.