Bonus EXP and bonus in game currency for IRL money... please don't :(

After reading though the meany topics and the news post yesterday I came to the conclusion that I was ok supporting Battleborn, Gearbox and 2K using Microtransactions in Battleborn if had no effect to the game over all other then cosmetics. After reading this statment from the Post made by Gearbox I can’t say I’m liking the already slippery slop we are on.

" What else could the Battleborn Marketplace hold? That’s up to you! In addition to awesome skins and taunts, we’re also exploring convenient ways players can add bank spaces, loadouts, or boost their XP and credit earnings that do not affect actual gameplay."

This statment in itself is some what contradictory. Having a payed for buff that 2x all in game currency for say one week dose indeed effect gameplay. Said players can use this to grind currency and then accumulate Legendary loot while player who are unwilling or unable to buy this buff are left spending triple the hours earning there way to the gear they are looking for. This kind of buff is just a middle man for pay for in game currency.

It would be at that point you would in fact be effecting not just the gameplay but the game at large and the players perspective on what is important durring missions.
Theoretical example:
Player who payed for buffs"Oh you all suck why didn’t we get that challange!"
Second player who didn’t "chill its only 25 credits"
First player player “well its 50 to me and you are all wasting my buff time so I Quite”

Understand this is all theory Gearbox has said NOTHING about how they would handle these buffs. I still feel that any form of payed Exp or credit bonuses would effect the game and the gameplay.

A free bouns credit week or exp week seems like a better option as it is something that effects everyone in a possitive manner and promotes teamwork and active gameplay.
Bank space and loadouts would be ok but making changes to credit and rank exp earnings in my mind is an unwelcome change in a game where we want a far, fun, and free gamplay.

I hope we see a Marketplace filled to the brime with cool and fun little costumes, taunts or even something that changes your main screen or adds avatars (for psn and xboxlive) and custome name plates. Hope you are all having an amazing day and,

Stay Badass!

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