Bonus mythstone artifact does not work

I was grinding for days to earn the Newton’s recipe artifact which supposedly gives 50% bonus mytjstones when you prestige. I was so excited when I finally got it only to find out it doesn’t work at all. I always prestige at level 130 for 226 mytjstones. After Newton’s recipe fully upgraded I still got 226. I even rebooted game still doesn’t work. I’m gonna request the 10 bucks I spent on this game back. So disappointing that so many ultimates and artifacts are bugged

Update: Due to new information on the reddit page and feedback from others regarding their experience, I am pretty sure it does work but only on epic boss kills. For some reason i had the benefits of newtons recipe before i got the item. Not sure how that happened but it was a beneficial bug in my favor.


This is the sad truth.

I find myself hoping that you are both experiencing a standalone, unrelated glitch, and that this isn’t universally true. I have been working toward this relic for probably over a week, with my next unlock being at 2.2k mythstones, and while the RNG gods are probably going to mock me until it is my last artifact, I am going to be really pissed if it doesn’t work. Though, if it ends up being my last artifact, I suppose it not working wouldn’t matter.

Yeah, it’s really a shame - it doesn’t do anything for me either. Those mythstones could have really shortened the grind.

Yes, it does work - but it is hard to tell. A guy in the comments of the link below explains it better than I can - but I did track the # I was getting before and after and it did go up.

Sorry but that information is just flat out wrong. Yes im getting 3 mythstone per 5 levels after 30 for “epic monster kills” but i was always getting that amount even before I obtained newtons recipe.

I know this for sure because when I was grinding for newtons I needed 1.5k for atrifact before i finally got it. To get that 1.5k i decided prestiging at level 130 was best because it gave me 226 mythstones and with the dropped mythstones that gave me roughly 250 mythstones so I had to prestige at 130 6 times to get my 1.5k. After obtaining and maxing newtons recipe I still got exactly 226 mythstones I checked it in prestige window and by checking my mythstone total after prestiging. I STILL GET EXACTLY THE SAME NUMBER OF MYTHSTONES FROM PRESTIGING AT 130, AS I DID BEFORE I EVEN HAD NEWTONS RECIPE. STILL GET 226.

Sorry but the information is wrong.

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I replied to your post on the reddit page… but long story short… you don’t know what you are talking about or you are just making stuff up. Multiple people have tested it and found it does work to some degree - but no- it does not work fully and the devs are aware of that. They were not able to fix it before the patch yesterday, but it is possible that they moved how you get them from the prestige screen to drops directly from the bosses. If anyone cares for the details about why they should not take the data posted above - and I use the word ‘data’ very lightly - feel free to check out the link with the hyper nerd level data analysis of this and make the decision for yourself. Is the artifact worth it? It is pretty weak… you only get the bonus applied to epic boss kills… but you do get more. Is it enough to justify the cost? I did… I don’t regret it… on the other hand - all of mine are maxed out and I have all of them except 3, not including the new ones added with the patch… so I guess I have all of them except 6 now.

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I cant believe you seriously think im making this ■■■■ up? Its pretty sad actually.

Ok well next time i get to level 130 I will simply go to my prestige screen and take a screenshot and send it to you. Then you can see how wrong you are.

102 + 56 + 68 = 226 derp

Basically, your assuming i am lying about getting 68 from epic boss kills before newtons recipe. I am not gonna demolish the relic to prove it to you that i wasnt getting only 45 before newtons because i hope they buff it in a later update. But hey why dont u demolish your newtons then you cant test to see if you get 45 or 68 at level 130? Then you can also test if newtons recipe is responsible for the 3 mythstones dropping after level 100 also.

Actually, can somebody who doesn’t own newtons yet plz tell me how many mythstones you get from epic boss kills at level 130? And do you get 3 mythsones dropping from the 4th and 9th level bosses after level 100? Make sure to post a screenshot or this guy will accuse you of lying.

I’m at level 134 and the epic boss kill rewards only 47 mythstones.

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thank you so much for that information. It seems that for some reason i was getting the benefits of newtons before i actually acquired it. That means the information on the reddit page is correct for everybody except me. No idea how i got this bug but it was beneficial to me.