Bonus Rewards for Tales from the Borderlands Season Pass owners!

Update 3/27: Article containing more information on TFTB Season Pass Rewards has been added to the Knowledge Base:

Tales from the Borderlands Season Pass owners will receive some cool new gear and customizations in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel starting on March 24!

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Article says TFTB episode 2 is out today but I’m not seeing it on Is it only available to purchase from within the game itself?

In order to get the TPS bonuses, does your TFTB season pass have to be on the same system, or can it be on a different platform as long as both are tied to your SHiFT account?

can a friend who has the unlocks give to friends and they can use them too? or will they be locked to everyone else, cuz that’d be lame.

The Pre-Sequel gear and customizations will be unlocked on the same platform on which you own the Season Pass for Tales from the Borderlands. For example, if you own the Tales Season Pass on Xbox 360, your gear and customizations will be unlocked in the 360 version of The Pre-Sequel. These customizations will transfer over to the Handsome Collection through Cross/Cloud Save functionality.

The only exception is that Tales from the Borderlands Season Pass owners on Google Play and iOS will receive their bonus rewards in the PC/Steam version of The Pre-Sequel.

Now i just need the TFTBL season pass… soon…

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Bummer. I have all the games on 360, but was going to get TFTB on Mac so I had something to do while travelling. I’ll probably still do that, but it would have been nice to get the extra skins on the 360!

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I really hope those customizations become available through other means in the future (like it happened to some customizations in Borderlands 2). I’m really not interested in playing TFTB, but that is probably my favorite Nisha head so far (I just love bowler hats on western styled characters). The claptrap one is pretty good too.

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I see Tales from the Borderlands on steam for 18 bucks…but I don’t see a season pass…

How do you purchase the season pass??

Or is 18 Bucks the whole shebang…and you are buying all 5 episodes??/

Anyone successfully download the season pass and Ep. 2 on 360? I bought the season pass just now, but when I try to download Ep. 2, it won’t let me. There’s a :no_entry_sign: on the normal download button, which I’ve never seen before for any game.

I was confuse about this on X360. I saw it was 18-15 dollars, then i saw the other episodes for sale on the side. It is what you last said. The 18$ includes the season pass.

I might not have TPS yet (Talos won. :stuck_out_tongue: )

But I think they type something too ambigious…: It might be either “Any player that has TPS Season pass + Tales from the Borderlands” or “purchasing Tales from the Borderlands and having TPS” will get special customizations.
BUT I never heard that Telltale will make any season pass yet. They are making one game and free seasons update. Unless their team and Gearbox negotiate something behind the curtain then I think the marketer just write it…too confusing. :sweat_smile:

Also, did anyone know who is a girl that Athena wearing as? I never see a blue haired girl in the pre sequel. I recognize all the others but not that blue haired girl.

PS That Hyperion shotgun could be Conference call V.2 . The color is more gray but I guess it will not have the same effect to Conference call I guess.

Im really looking forward to these weapons. And in the picture the shield we are getting has zeros symbol on it. I wonder if it will have some kind of cool effect. Like making you invisible or sending some kind of decoy like zero does.

Boo. I guess I might end up rebuying this on the xbox one.

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Totally agree. Not only the customizations, but the additional weapons and what looks like a shield as well? These are non-aesthetic features that players who have shelled out for both TPS and the Season Pass are simply denied.

Feels like we’re getting kicked if we’re not die hard fans of TFTBL.

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Sounds fair to me. Ante up.

well my point was if i have the guns and shield and dont like them can i give them to friends. unless you were agreeing with me. couldnt tell.

No I wasn’t agreeing. It’s just like if I purchased Tiny Tina’s DLC and you didn’t, I couldn’t give you my Casual Swordsplosion to use because it’s exclusive to that DLC. You have to have the DLC to use it. This doesn’t seem any different.

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For clarification for PC players – the only option to buy Tales from the Borderlands on Steam is by purchasing what is essentially the Season Pass. So basically if you have TFTB on Steam, you will be receiving these bonus Pre-Sequel items :smile:


hey @Jeffybug how will we receive the items? thru shift? a download? or like the loyalty items?
@BookEmDano i think that’ll depend on how we get the items.