Bonus Rewards for Tales from the Borderlands Season Pass owners!

So, Captin Pandora and the other one come with TFtBL or no? I have them but no season pass for TFtBL

Do you have TftB episode 1 or 2?

Episode 1. I didnt buy season pass yet

Huh, maybe the skins are related to the new DLC and not TftB.

dunno but i got those skins and nothing else.

just went back into Tales and selected unlocks (i think) and it came up and said congrats-you unlocked-go get
edit1: checking TPS now for em
edit2: there was an exclamation on my extras tab at main menu in tps and now shift says they are unlocked
edit3: HAHA GOT EM!!!

Awesome good to hear.

now if only lazlo would kindly hand over a bladed fridgia my night is golden!

I’ll take some the next time I’m playing unless someone beats me to them.

For those who have been complaining about not being able to get the new gear: I’ve successfully traded all of the guns and the shield, so there is that. The customization items are tied to your account though.

Sweet Baby Moses, I must’ve spent three hours farming/Alt+F4’ing for that damn gun. Totally worth it, though.

I bought the game and the season pass, and downloaded them but their not showing up in that folder where downloaded games go. Their in my Download List, but their not showing up in the XMB.


I have a “stupid” question, using the steam version, I redeemed the characters customization no issue there, however for the guns I wondered if it was a One time only redeem or can I redeem the guns at different levels on different characters? My guess is no but i thought i would ask to be sure before i waste those gun on my level 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


One and done so make 'em count.

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@Jeffybug had a quick question, I own all Borderlands and Tales on both the old PS3 and the PS4, for people like that, do they get the rewards on both systems, or just the PS4, thanks
don’t have my original PS3 now, but if I get use of one was curious on the rewards

did you find it yet? i had to download the season pass, which included the ep1 demo, it was 2 downloads (it didn’t appear in the games folder till after i DL’d), i also downloaded ep 1 & 2. then i had to go to TFtBL main menu and go into unlocks then into TPS extras tab and then into Shifty Sheldon’s.

I believe the system is set up so you receive the rewards once per ACCOUNT. I may be wrong, but that’s what I’ve been told :slight_smile:

It’s once per account. None of the new items showed up in the Shift machine on another character of mine.

@lexhardcore: here’s a pic of the Company Man shotgun:

much thanks! what is its special effect?

the Atlas camo is uber-freakin-awesome-tits!!!

also, any Infos on the shield?

Dunno. It has tight grouping, a fast fire rate, a decent reload spped, but isn’t as powerful as a Bullpup of the same level with the same parts. I don’t know if it does anything else, I’ll need to find those target dummies in Clappy’s DLC I’ve been reading about…

The shield is a Tediore shield with a 0 recharge delay and a higher capacity, but a lower recharge rate than a standard purple Tediore of the same level. It also cannot spawn with any immunities.

thank you sir! also, the mag is huge for a single shot!!

the target dummies are at the very beginning of the DLC, just when you fast travel to deck 13 1/2 the first time.