Bonus Rewards for Tales from the Borderlands Season Pass owners!

Boo. I guess I might end up rebuying this on the xbox one.

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Totally agree. Not only the customizations, but the additional weapons and what looks like a shield as well? These are non-aesthetic features that players who have shelled out for both TPS and the Season Pass are simply denied.

Feels like we’re getting kicked if we’re not die hard fans of TFTBL.

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Sounds fair to me. Ante up.

well my point was if i have the guns and shield and dont like them can i give them to friends. unless you were agreeing with me. couldnt tell.

No I wasn’t agreeing. It’s just like if I purchased Tiny Tina’s DLC and you didn’t, I couldn’t give you my Casual Swordsplosion to use because it’s exclusive to that DLC. You have to have the DLC to use it. This doesn’t seem any different.

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For clarification for PC players – the only option to buy Tales from the Borderlands on Steam is by purchasing what is essentially the Season Pass. So basically if you have TFTB on Steam, you will be receiving these bonus Pre-Sequel items :smile:


hey @Jeffybug how will we receive the items? thru shift? a download? or like the loyalty items?
@BookEmDano i think that’ll depend on how we get the items.

They will function like loyalty rewards after the next game update. System will check to see if you’re a TFTB Season Pass owner and then add the items to the SHiFT Machine or Quick Change Station.

I’m not entirely against the idea of sharing. I just don’t think it’s lame if we don’t get to because it’s been done before and Telltale deserves some support if their exclusive weapons are going to be used by everyone. Don’t you think?

i do agree. but less scrupulous fellows may not care. thats why i dont play with randos often cuz of hacked and glitched gear. seeing people with gear they shouldnt have is kinda annoying and i exit or boot em or sell whatever they gave me that shouldnt be available. you know of what i speak.
@Jeffybug thank you for clarification! and if i buy TFtBL after the 24th will it still give me the items?

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Correct – the system will be in place to check even after The Handsome Collection releases.

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awesome bud, thank you for answering me!

so we have an SMG, 2 Shotguns, Assault Rifle and a shield. im thinking the shotty on the right is gonna be a TK’s wave-esque shotty and for the assault rifle it looks similar to the Madhouse! i dunno what they left side guns might be, tho the smg looks like a scav and the shotty looks hyperion. and that shield looks interesting too. @rush86 i like the ideas you had!

ooooooo a cryo TK’s Wave!!! this is exciiiiting!!!

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I’m hoping it’s a cryo version of the Slagga which was one of my favorites from BL2.

omfg that’d be so awesome! but isnt there one like that already? mareks mouth or something??

Clap and Athena heads looks awesome! Glad I bought every BL on PC ^^

I don’t know of this “mareks mouth” that you speak of but if it’s like the Slagga, I want it.

marek’s mouth drops from Rabid Adams in the pickle treasure hunt mission. i was actually thinking of the meat grinder but that is analogous to the bone shredder from bl2 and it drops from Meat Head in nina’s Rough Love mission

So, I bought the Season Pass for Tales of the Borderlands awhile ago, for my PS4.
If I continue to play TPS on my PS3, and don’t upgrade to the Handsome Collection (which I would do on my PS4) I’m not eligible for this loot?
Please tell me I’m missing something.

We’re looking into a manual solution for folks who fall into this category. You’ll want to drop in a ticket to our support team at when the Pre-Sequel rewards release.