Bonus stats keep getting lowered everytime I play

I have been noticing recently that my bonus stats never seem to go above a 4.3% bonus. As it turns out it seems that once I increase a stat past 3.8% to 4.3%, the next time I play it will automatically put those stats back to 3.8%. I have not looked into wether or not it is erasing my progress on challenges but it definetly doesn’t allow me to increase anything over 3.8% or it will automatically get decreased the next time I play. Please fix.

I’d insert a troll face meme but it might give the wrong impression.
Even though this doesn’t affect me (PC user) this is a bit odd and I’ll probably be checking my own bar just to make sure it isn’t happening for me.
Really hope this gets fixed regardless of whether or not it is or isn’t limited to Handsome Collection players.

Its an issue thats been happening since the last generation. It was fixed back then but gearbox apparently decided itd be fine to ship a broken game once again.

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Just like virtually every other game making company because stuff always slips past QA.
I bet since they were able to fix it for “last gen” they’ll fix it for this gen, it’ll just need to be approved and/or slightly tweaked since it is a different game being two in one and for a different console so more than likely different coding language from the past iteration.
I’d say wait a week and then hit the panic button.
In the meantime I’ll summon a dev to pass along this info.

@joekgbx: Can you shed any light on this?

I’d be happy to pass it along! Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks for moving it along for me and thank you to everyone for the feedback! Any idea of how long something like this would take to fix?

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Dont ask hahha you will never get a ETA from gearbox

Truthfully, probably a month at the soonest which is a bummer for sure but that’s not because GBX is incompetent or unwilling but rather MS and Sony need to certify the patch which could easily take 2-3 weeks and more often than not I believe patches do cost money just to have it be in the “to test” pile of patches needing to be tested.
It is also for that reason (patches costing money and/or patches going through a certification process which can take awhile) devs like GBX opt to cram as much as possible into each patch rather than finding and fixing a bug and immediately shipping it to MS/Sony for them to test it. Sure it’d be available sooner but GBX will ultimately lose because they were more than likely working on another bug and if they had waited a day or week could’ve put both bug fixes into the patch rather than have two patches back to back.