Boom Blaster shield boosters not dropping

So, when massive amounts of loot drop and sends missing loot to Sanctuary, it prioritizes rarest to least rare (legendary, purple, blue, etc.). I also saw someone’s video of where they found a legendary from NUMEROUS attempts with the eridian fabricator, and eventually it made the lesser loot (blues) despawn, leaving just purples and the legendary.

I’ve had a few attempts in Slaughter Shaft Mayhem 3 where I finish round 5 2+ times, and eventually my BBB shield stops dropping booster packs. Anyone else having a similar experience? Is this because the boosters are “blue” (less rare loot) and there’s to much loot on the ground after multiple clears?

P.S. - I’ve also seen a fresh run drop boosters on the ground and no automatic pick-up. Anyone else?

Please fix this.