Boom Sickle Vs True Takedown

Boom Sickle Wins!!! I’m just a scrub and completed my first ever M4 True Takedown using a no element Boom Sickle with bonus shock, a corrosive Boom and a Cutsman. Used a Blast Master, Transformer with 30% Cooldown, Maddening Tracker with +25% and a Last Stand Otto Idol. Feels good. Never thought I could do it. Some really tense moments. That was a lot of enemies. That might a be crazier buff than the Lob.


The Boom Sickle rocks! I don’t have a good one for my Moze yet, but I have been having a blast with my FL4K and their Rakk Attack! anointed Molten Boom Sickle.

Good job, and congrats on your first true takedown kill!

Wish that bastard would drop one for me. Every time I load in my game hangs for 15 seconds and I have to listen to Teller bang on about finger biting. Painful farm. At least the red chest resets…

I’m salivating just thinking what a boom sickle will do on my Vladof, I mean Torgue build.

Sickle drops from Warden, my dude.

Teller also voices Ramsden apparently, who says the fingerbiter line everytime you load into anvil.

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Yeah, Teller doesn’t say anything in the agoniser.

We’re on the blood path, now.

Once a finger biter, always a finger biter.

It’s so annoying, I’m considering starting a third Moze playthrough just to avoid hearing it.

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Thanks! It’s nice that Moze is getting more strong options. Now I just have to upgrade to an anointed CMT and get some better Booms.


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This is exactly what I don’t want to be happening “everytime” when playing with Moze in True Takedown when I am in “farming mode” or just wanna “takedown and chill”. Sure, I can farm in solo and lesser Mayhem for easier mode. Sure I can use Zane and Amara.

Given that Teller is mute in stage performances I don’t think he does any speaking at all in this game. He probably didn’t even see the voice-over studio. I believe you all are referring to Penn.

He voices a character in an Eden-6 side quest which is what is being referenced here. Feel free to check the game’s credits.