Boomacorn....Any Good?

Was finally released a few says ago with heads and skins for Thanksgiving.

I have played around with it and have seen wildly varying results.

One time MASSIVE damage…another time seems to do very little.

I can’t figure out how to most effectively employ it.

Anyone got the handle on this new weapon??

PC/Mac/Linux: W5KJT-X9W65-9R3KJ-HJCJ3-W3JZ6
•Xbox One/Xbox 360: W5KJT-X9W39-5K6JR-CRBJ3-W3JS3
•PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3: CKWJT-HZK65-HRTKT-HJ5JB-3WSTH

Those are the codes…Thanksgiving Pre Sequel promotion from GB

Gives a bucn of heads and skins similar to the Waddle Gobler ones in BL2

Boomacorn is a gift within it as well.

Nisha with bonus crit damage this thing is a monster

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Athena can make good use out of it too, I don’t know about the other characters though (except Claptrap, he didn’t preform very well with it to my surprise). But yeah Nisha is the Boomacorn Queen.


Considering how much Willy likes critting I don’t think it’s for him, but the key is you want to aim at the ground. The gun shoots 5 Rockets of random elements.

best i can see, its not for clappy.

Howitzer Mod
aim at feet
Air target aim straight on

It’s a monster
Even better if the target is painted
Frozen…then at the feet…oh my

Am experimenting with freezing with a Longest Yard first then quick switch to Boomacorn

And I think there may be a hidden bonus for hitting an air target…or a long range target.

Just obliterates those if you manage a hit

I don’t think it will expire but you can only turn it in once.

Maybe hope for the Wet Work or the Machine with Xmas Coming!!!

Another Promo from GB possibly!

Good Lordy do I LOVE how GB keeps supporting both of these games…BL2 and the Pre Sequel!!

Well Done GB!

Bring It!!

I would assume it would be the Painful again for Merc Day (pliis odjurymir) , but GBX might be awesome and do a Holiday smorg over Winter Holidays.

Im thinking the boomacorn could be really fun for a Cryo Terminator, i mean you has a bunch of random elements, one of them might freeze for you.

Well…that would be fine as well…I LIKED the Painful and would like one at 70.

But if they did a bonus with the other guns that have not appeared that would just be awesome!

When I first tried the Boom, I thought it sucked.

Try aiming low or jumping and aiming down it makes a world of difference.
It’s enough of a difference for it to go from “it sucks” to “I’m adding it to the Top Gear”

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Yes…jumping and shooting down at the feet of an enemy makes it VERY effective…one shot effective. I wonder if there is a bonus for being airborne??

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Maybe, but I get about the same result aiming low, so it’s probably more about the rockets exploding on the ground.

Against airborne targets though… it’s BAAAAAAD

Not bad…just hard to hit with it…but if you can get a hit the damage seems multiplied.

At least to me…flying Tork bugs…flying stuff in Clappy DLC, etc

No Ol’ Painful pls. Its just a worse fire only Sherdifier to my knowledge.

LOL…no…about the same…LOL

But for some reason…I liked it…but then again I play with fire weps in TPS about 1% of the time…

Hey…saw your Maya / Hyperious kill.

How could I do that with axton?? Applying slag is the key I think

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It took like 30-40 retakes, but I don’t know of anything that would allow Axton to do this kill. He doesn’t have the omph like most of the others do for this kinda kill.

But I might be wrong, never know till you try :smile:

Immolate…he doesn’t have it and even with extra rocket damage and a Drunk volley followed by a couple of normal Norfleet volleys…

I don’t think he can do this…but I may just try.

And you can’t count on slagging him like you can with a phaselock effect.

My bet is that I can take a huge chunk of his health using this…maybe 2/3rds …but then have no way to get out of FFYL

And 30-40 retakes is about what you’d have to do with the terribly finicky Avenger.

There is no free lunch darn it…LOL

Here is my athena video of the boonacorn, did pretty well on her once I figured out to shoot the ground