Boomacorn....Any Good?

With Flash Freeze, it might be possible to negate the loss of maelstrom stacks while mobbing. Otherwise, its a maelstrom boosted Jakobs. What more is there to say?

You can check out the boomacorn hype in the Nisha forums too. It’s gathering some attention there as well.

For anyone else, I would imagine its pretty meh. Maybe Claptrap can make some use out of it with OLT and ML if he doesn’t one shot everything. Otherwise, Wilhelm probably can’t do jack with it, Jack (unless he has a lot of money is power) probably wouldn’t excel with the gun either. Aurelia does have a bunch of base damage boosts, so maybe with Avalanche on top of wintertide it could be potent.

Yea its great. Just shoot at the feet as others said above. Its destroys enemies with athena. Didn’t try it with any other chracters.

I played with this shotty over the weekend. So much fun. :smiley:
Thank you to @Derch for showing the Athena Deputy build inspired by @Chuck80. I was inspired to take Athena, who at the time was at level 60, to level cap, 70 after watching Derch’s vid. Once that was accomplished, I reset my skill points and attempted the Athena Deputy build. Derch is correct. It felt reminiscent, like Deputy Sal. Very fun build. it was fun with the boomacorn.

Nisha is a beast with it however.

Jack was ok with it. The CEO of CEO mod giving increased accuracy made the reticle so small. most rockets land on target with that accuracy boost. and with AA in affect, you can just spam shots for quite a while with good RNG.

all in all, this shotty was a blast playing with. Thank you Gearbox! :smile:


The gun on Wilhelm is quite good…exceptionally good.

I have been using a Purple Howitzer Mod and the extra explosive damage helps nicely.

The gun just wrecks if you can jump up and shoot down at their feet from above.

It may not be “Nisha good” on Wilhelm…but it is still excellent.

I just ran around with it with my deputy jack (video uploading) and it was quite good with him and holy ■■■■ that horse sound and AA is broken in a very OP way.


That explains it. Used it once in place of my ravager on a frozen badass. Nothing! No discernible damage at all from several shots. Quickly went back to the ravager.

Now I know better. Thanks for the thread, guys.