Boombots Vs. Deande's Clone (Toby's Friendship Raid)

Disclaimer: I’m new to the forums, so this may have been covered a while back.

So I was speed running Toby’s Friendship Raid for commander packs and got the side objective to not take any damage from boombots. I stayed back and and threw war fans and tried to see if my clone could do anything. Once the boombots did damage to my clone the side objective had been failed. Do you think this is intended/fair?
Also wondering where else this applies. I.E. Kid Ultra’s drones, Toby’s shield, etc.


I had the same issue. My thought is that it’s not intended (from what I can tell, this doesn’t happen with other skills that deploy objects) and doesn’t make sense as the Holotwin has its own health. I’ve actually already submitted a ticket to Gearbox Support about it, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

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Good to know, I was going to ask around to make sure it wasn’t intention before submitting a ticket myself. Thanks!

Not intended for her clones. Also fails if you kill boom bots with kelvin’s sublimate.

Super anoying and should be fixed

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Good to know, will try to keep that in mind! Thanks

i imagine its because deandes clone is handled like other bb ai (like mellka and deande bots in heliophage, etc.) in that it counts as bb for all intents and purposes (im pretty sure it counts as a kill for xp in pvp?, or it used to at least) it will likely not receive changes until that base categorization is fixed :confused:

kelvins sublimate…no idea o.o


It is 100% intended and is because of how they code her clones. @Jythri can explain more if he has some time.

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In attikus op i missed a drone inside Ariana chamber and it started the fight.

So probably… Yes

Lots of skills trigger that fight from outside the door, but only Deande’s clone triggers the boombot objective failing.

To whoever said Kelvin’s sublimate triggers it as well, well… yeah. Boombots explode when they die, even if you kill them before they auto-detonate. If you kill one with sublimate you’re going to be right on top of it when it explodes.