Boomer Levelling Bug in TVHM

Someone had posted about having this exact same problem, but I can’t find that post at the moment so…

Doing the “Another Pickle” mission in TVHM, and the enemies who spawn while defending Eliza in Crisis Scar are quite over-levelled.

  • Items picked up from crates/chests on the map are all level 30
  • The mission itself is listed as level 36
  • My character (Nisha) is level 38
  • A good number of the enemies are level 41

I’m use to the idea that certain badasses will be 1-2 levels over the player, but three whole levels in TVHM while the mission is two levels below the player? Good job I’ve got a 10% BAR boost!

Anyway, someone else did report having the exact same problem (same levels too), so this looks like a bug.