Boost ammunition capacity?

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Newbie here… I’m a really casual gamer; mainly I just like to shoot stuff in interesting environments, and I’m not really into all the intricacies of building a character and pondering over what modifications to make… I just want to shoot stuff. Heresy, I know… but that’s how I like to play.

My question is: how can I, or what do I have to do, to increase my ammunition carrying capacity? I’m mainly concerned with the sniper rifles, as my main joy comes from headshots from a distance. When clearing out a batch of baddies, the relatively low ammo count I have now really tends to limit things, and fairly often leads to my demise/respawning. Gets a little tedious, at times.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can send my way.

Crazy Earl in Sanctuary he’s near Moxxi’s bar. You’ll need Eridium.


The second option besides buying upgrades at Crazy Earl’s is equipping a stockpile relic. Those can boost the maximum ammunition your toon can carry.


To answer you in more than a couple of words, because new players need more information, during the beginning of the game, you reach Sanctuary, and as part of the Plan B mission you are tasked with inserting fuel cells, the third of which makes you visit the Black Market to spend eridium in order to buy upgrades. It is here you will find your ammo upgrades, the cost increases with each purchase, starting with 4 required, then it follows this pattern: 8, 12, 16, 20, 50, 100. That’s the number of eridium you will need per upgrade. You can also upgrade your bank and backpack this way, and they follow the same pattern except they also have a 150 and 200 tier.

In short, you can’t miss Crazy Earl if you follow the story.


Another useful tip for our newcomer @kharrisma is that ammo crates will contain more of the ammo type that you are really low on. I can’t give you the exact number, but you’ll need to be as low as ~30% of your current capacity on a certain type of ammo. This goes for all ammo types except rocket launcher ammo.

Once you’re below this threshold, you’ll wanna open up all the crates in the near vicinity before you actually pick up any of the ammo. If you pick up before opening them all, you’ll be above the threshold, and will have to rely on luck.

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Not sure if this was already mentioned, but when you die you will get some ammo added to your pack. So dying by suicide or enemies will replenish some of your ammo.

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