Boost fire or rad?

im running moze with the plus ultra shield so an old god is not an option. my question is, if im using urad annoint, would it be better to have an artifact with +24% rad or +24% incendiary? i dont know if the incendiary might be multiplicative with her fire boosts or not.

In my opinion ( omitting FitSD m10 scaling);
I would recommend the rad over fire, as it should have a multiplicative effect with urad; whereas fire is additive to moze’ 30% from skills - and only aplies to FitSD, SV and EM (atleast with non-fire weapons)

Based on what I recently learnt, a weapon damage boost roll is better as it will boost the gum damage which then boosts the Urad and skill tree bonuses. I’m looking for an ice breaker or elemental projector deathless for this same thing. My rolls would be SMG damage, mag size, splash damage. Splash damage roll is 48% so double a single roll of an element.

Well of course(weapon type is multiplicative -eg smg/pistol/etc; “weapon damage” is additive to DiB, PD, AI etc)
I was only speaking in context of the post.

This is true, but its also additive to other splash boosts including TCP. If running a blastmaster + 5/5 TCP, @ 130% the 48% will be equal or smaller of a bonus to damage;

Are you specced in FitSD? This skill is currently giving way more dmg than it states. ~500% verse the stated 15%, so URAD, though powerful, doesn’t add that much dmg to your overall output.
Since FitSD is fire it is buffed by StE and your passive rolls. So an incendiary roll would make more sense even though the 24% are additive with StE.
Moze is ridiculous either way, tbh, with FitSD.
With her always priotize mag size and splash as splash gets double dipped when paired with Short Fuse and a splash weapon such as the Flipper

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So with What you are saying, would the best three rolls be what I suggested above? Mag size, SMG damage and splash damage? I figured since the SMG damage roll applied to the skill tree bonuses and the Urad it would apply more damage than just the fire (or rad) roll.

Most likely. It might depend on your spec and gear.
But weapon type dmg like SMG is v2 and therefore multiplicative with weapon/gun dmg, powerful.
Splash is very good due to double dipping and mag size, if your runnung Blast Master is good for mag maintenance.
Urad is a strong anoint but you either reserve it for ffyl or you give up healthgate. More knowledgeable people than me, looking at @Prismatic, wrote a whole essay on why going w/o healthgate on Moze isn’t as good as Blastmaster, Rocketeer, Mind Sweeper.

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This video is really good for specifying the exact pros and cons of the Urad anoint. It doesn’t actually include splash damage which is why it’s not such a foolproof choice for Moze as some would expect. But in the comments, zKarmaa added that it does scale with action skill damage and grenade damage so in theory, a Mind Sweeper COM would be the best DPS class mod to use with this anoint. The Face-puncher with a Bloodletter is also a great Urad option.

I never put a single point into FitSD in any of my builds as a personal choice but from the perspective of DPS, survivability and simple accessibility via the skill trees alone, you’d get better results as you have Stoke the Embers as a tier 2 skill to boost the incendiary multiplier and it includes every bit of splash damage you inflict, as well as each proc of Short Fuse.

Brilliant video. I’ve seen a few of these and they are great!

Bonus fire damage is additive with StE; I don’t believe it is calculated into FitSD.

Bonus rad damage, on the other hand, is calculated into urad and I believe it is multiplicative.