Boost me? power level me and I'll power level you

(Jerelstyles) #1

Looking for someone to power level me add me and send msg in game . Xbox one jerelstyles

(Sliver This) #2

power level in which game? BL2 or TPS?


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(Rozeyelise574) #4

Hey I could really use someone to power level me in TPS. My gt is TimeyWimeyGamer

(Adam Hibner) #5

Anyone still willing to powerleveling? I just got on the Xbox one. My 360 took a cheap so I am starting all over. My gamer tag is upec. I play about 0830 EST. Or text me 812 320 1379

(Rozeyelise574) #6

I am. I really need some help in TPS. If you can power level me, I can power level you. I should be on around the time you said. My gt is TimeyWimeyGamer

(Adam Hibner) #7

Well I don’t mind powerleveling but I need to be powerleveled first before I can powerlevel you or anyone haha. I’m sitting at 13…a badass 13 but still 13

(Rozeyelise574) #8

Oh haha. I’m still just a level 25. A super badass level 25, mind you, but still level 25. I’ve been trying to find people to help me level up. It’s definitely much harder to level up in TPS than it was in Borderlands 2

(Adam Hibner) #9

I don’t know if the presequel comes with the handsome collection or not.

(Rozeyelise574) #10

Oh, yeah. It does. It comes with both Borderlands 2, Borderlands the Pre Sequel, and all of the DLC for both games.


Hey guys, My gamertag is KeddyKnows. I want to get in on this power leveling. :smiley: I’m trying to get all characters to max rank. Hit me up!! I’ll help anyone that helps me. Power level one of my characters and I’ll power level one of yours with my new max rank character :smiley:

(Adam Hibner) #12

I’d be totally happy to Lvl you and drag you if you can get me. I’m only 18 though. Borderlands is a lot harder than I remember trying to cap out again

(Jimb9510) #13

Hey guy hit me up my GT Space Monkey425 I’m trying to get my character to the max rank I’ll help you if you can help me

(iNathyP) #14

can someone power level me?

(iNathyP) #15

looking for someone to power level me

(Boongchook) #16

I need to power level my assassin for xbox bl2
Gamer tag: Boongchook26

(22gsd2004) #17

Can someone he lp power level me to 72 plz my game tag is gabelovesgames

(Austintemp02) #18

Hey I need some one to power level 3 characters: 38 zer0, 1 may, and 17 axton

(KinkyKitMcfcblack) #19

Can someone help me power my 25 zerker GT KinkyKawaiiKat

(KinkyKitMcfcblack) #20

Can you help me lvl my gunzerker