Boost me? power level me and I'll power level you

(gearheadgamegeek) #21

can someone power level me to level 72
my GamerTag Genrealdeath

(Kevin) #22

Ile help, if u help on pre sequel

(Michaelkirby2621) #23

Looking for someone to power level me on Xbox one gamer tag is iamlordyeayea69

(Curly Bassist) #24

I need help with borderlands 2 I need someone to help me get to power lv 8 my tag is… THE CURLY J35U5… im on xbox one.

(montvalesecurity) #25

Would someone be willing to help me power level on the pre-sequel I’ll be on Xbox today gamer tag is Savior 117X

(Nicholassumpter) #26

Hey guys I’m on xbone starting up on tps. This one is a bit tougher to lvl and I would greatly appreciate if someone was able to just help boost me a little. Just from 11-30 is all I want and if you have it, maybe a lvl 30 gun or two to get me on my “feet” (wheels. I’m cl4p-tp) if so my GT: OozyBooch feel free to add or message me. I have a mic and I’m usually playing at night or between 10am- 4pm sometime.

(Kehindes) #27

can someone please help power level me to 72 I am level 54 right now my Gamer tag is Kenny Steele

(Fubles) #28

Anyone up to power level me gamertag Fubles on Xbox one

(Is this thing on?) #29

Please don’t post the same request in multiple threads, especially not ones that have been inactive for 2 years!

(Is this thing on?) #30