Booster shield variants

So I got this shield and I don’t recall seeing any of these health/shield booster type shields that boost 25% health. All the ones I have seen so far are 15% chance to drop a 15% health/shield booster. Since this shield has 20% chance with a 25% booster I’m curious if anyone knows the levels or range these shields can have and what determines those numbers? Is it just RNG or level or rarity? I have to say I’m loving this shield now that I don’t have to pick up those stupid boosters anymore.

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Before the Stealth nerf to Booster shields, most were 20% chance to drop a booster and heal %15 health.

I’ve noticed few with that high of a boost; what determines it is the descriptor to the item;
That one you have is Resistant, Health Charge, Health Charge
So since it has Health Charge listed Twice, it causes it to give more health. Theoretically I believe it’s possible for it to be “Health Charge, Health Charge, Health Charge” lol

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25% per charge is really nice…especially since I barely use cover and just run around blasting things in the face those 25% boosts are quite useful. I assume with 3 health charge descriptors it would be 35%?