Booster Shields have stopped automatically picking up again (photo attached)

I’ve got a shield and relic that drops boosters and neither one is automatically picking it up anymore as of today. Anyone else experienced this?

I had boosters and they automatically picked up for me. Granted I’ve had to walk over them to pick em up. If walking over em doesn’t work maybe it’s some glitch or bug. Or maybe something to do with the in game setting

If your hotfix applied?

I’m guessing that you are playing offline, so the hotfix is not active?

I’m definetely playing online with active hotfix. I never play offline, not sure what’s going on. I could be standing on like 4 boosters and they just lay there until they eventually disappear as I get shot repeatedly with no shields.

Edit: I think my shield was glitched, I rock a Stop-Gap and took it off and replaced it then went back and it works now.