Boosting Capacitive Armature

What boosts Capacitive Armature Damage?

I assume:

Scorching RPMs
Specialist Bear
Stainless Steel Bear
Really Big Guns
Feature Creep

Dakka Bear but only for IC???

A gun anoint that gives 100% Railguns Damage

The Flare Com

Shock damage boosts from a class mod or an Aerifact?

Shock Old God?

How about Fire in the Skag Den?? Does it boost Capacitive Armature in any fashion.

Torgue Cross Promotion?

What other skills?

Don’t think Bear hardpoints directly pick up +elemental damage from gear. Some Red Tree skills worth grabbing like Drowning in Brass

Drowning in Brass
Experimental Munitions

Yes…And I can get to those with 11 Points in the tree.

Good call.

Any idea on FitSD or TCP??

Either of those boost CA??

All these have an affect, I’ve put x2 in brackets for cases of double dipping. Note this double dipping here doesn’t apply to Auto Bear/Cub.

It applies 20% for cub. Iron Bear and Auto Bear however get a 50% bonus if anyone’s in the turret. This bonus is another of Bear’s bugged modifiers so someone being in the turret can add upto 125% more damage.


Nope. Closest you’ll get is that Cap Arms can hollow point and that benefits from both.

As for what you’re missing we have Phalanx Doctrine which applies to only the left arm and we have desperate measures which applies to both arms but is based off the missing HP of Bear/Cub.

For the math of any of this please refer to:



Perfect explanation! Thank you!