Boosting dot damage with amara

how do you boost dot damage really high? im new to amara and from what i understand you can get really high dot damage by using infusion + high violet tapestry stack with a high damage sniper rifle? can anyone help me understand some skill synergy and math?

I’m not sure if you’ve got the right information, but! I do know what you need.

Get a Nimbus class mod. It’s a legendary that makes a cloud.

Hold a high dot high damage weapon: the old standard was the Kill O the Wisp, but the new Ion Cannon will do more.

Take the elemental skills. Hold the Ion Cannon. Phasegrasp an enemy. The cloud will inflict a dot that does…if fire on flesh…I was seeing 16k per tick at times.

so what i was talking about is you “fakegrasp” aka spam phasegrasp at the floor to build up stacks of violent tapestry you also have to spec info infusion then you you take a non-elemental high damage weapon like a muckamuck sniper or the masterwork crossbow and try and buff up your weapon damage as much as possible through skills, artifact bonuses, class mod bonuses, guardian rank etc… you also want to have “on ase anointment’s deal +50% blank elemental damage” on your grenade and shield. the dot damage caused by infusion is based on your on hit weapon damage

so breaking it down it would look like this

  1. high damage sniper, muckamuck or masterwork crossbolt.

  2. infusion so that shot can trigger a dot

  3. phasegrasping to build up violent tapestry stacks to increase the likelyhood of actually applying the dot to the enemie

  4. buffing damage through the usual damage formula Output = NormalHit * CritMult * ([GunElement]ElemMult + BonusMult * [ActionSkillElement]ElemMult) * SplashMult * SpecMult
    for more info see Amara Gun Damage Formula

the end result is that after a critical hit you can do a massive damage over time (dot)
also this is not reliant on the nimbus class mod, i saw this used with a phasezerker with 5/5 in anima.

This was the spec, action skill was ties that bind and augment was stillness of mind.

So unless I am incorrect I believe enemies have status effect limits per element. As I recall you can’t have more then 3 or so of a given elemental effect on an enemy. At least this is how it worked in BL2. So basicly the damage over time can’t stack up to rediculose proportions dispite having a high chance to apply.

One thing I feel I should note form you Build is Sustainment dose not work with Infusion or Anointments that add Elemental damage to weapons. The weapons basic damage must do Elemental damage. The same goes for ASE element damage. It’s treated as it’s own set of damage. I haven’t personally done a ton of infusion testing but other members have made posts about how it interacts with her skills.

If I can make some build recommendations the large amount of upfront damage Amara can do is one of her greatest assets. Having Tise that Bind, with Do Harm, Phasezerker, and Avatar allows you do just decimate with little to no effort.

The damage shared by Ties that Bind is considered Action skill damage. Thus It also procs laid bare. Honestly Infusion really only needs one point. Using Awakening you can farther boost the shared damage via Tise that Bind and Do Harm. Violent Tapastry is used with one point minimum just to help keep Rush Stacks high between your skill casts.

This is what I use with Phasecast or Ties that Bind depending on the situation. It is with Phasezerker.

Well, considering Tapestry only affects the chance and not the damage, and I don’t think about anything that involves purposely fake grasping anyway, I don’t see what you’re expecting here. No weapon besides an Ion Cannon has the damage to make a massive DoT strictly based on infusion.

I could of course be wrong, but I really don’t think what you described works in any way like what you asked. Good luck though!

Not a pro here but I think the skills that would definitely help your DOT damage would be violent tapestry, Anima, tempest, and wild fire. You would want to hold high status element weapons, wisp, ion cannon and such.

I think weapon damage also affects your dot damage but not 100%, someone else confirm this.

Infusion only converts part of your damage to a certain element, not sure it adds to your DoT or status effect.

Elemental projector will definitely help you with that boost.

You can jump to 3:56:30 is see what I’m talking about

Actually you can have only one. When several of the same element are applied on an enemy, only the one with the highest damage counts.

This is why Infusion can be detrimental to DOT. As long as gun and action skill are different elements, everything’s fine. But when they’re the same element, they apply two instances of DOT and only the higher one deals damage. For example, if you’re using fire+fire with 5/5 in Infusion, you’ll get one fire DOT with 60% and one with 40% damage, and since they don’t stack, you’ll get only 60% DOT compared to 100% without Infusion.

Now Infusion has a few benefits, most notably thanks to the ricochet glitch it will spawn more projectiles on hit with weapons like Projectile Recursion, Rowan’s Call or Carrier, but that needs only one point. With one point, the main damage instance is still 92%, so the aforementioned effect on DOT isn’t that bad, and if you’re using different elements, that’s enough to support Violent Tapestry.

Spending more points does more harm than good imo, unless you really want your Jakobs gun to deal elemental damage or something like that. But bonus elemental damage anointments are more effective for that.

Is it only one of each per person in BL3 good to know. I remember the hours of testing in BL2 with Krieg to understand how self ignite worked and why the effect seem to not work at times. God damn those where the days XD.

What I had no idea. That’s so disappointing. I love to mix a ton of different elements with ASE + shield anointment + my weapon itself

Edit: oh nvm read that wrong. Still disappointing but not as bad as I was expecting

you can still do massive damage with the extra elements, its just only applies one dot, and while that might sound a little disappointing you still deal a very large amount of extra damage

Its pretty much the reason you want to still go for direct elemental matching as much as possible IE Incendiary for flesh, Corrosive for armor, etc. Cryo meanwhile doesn’t even have a DoT and Radiation is all about the DoT damage and ability to propagate to other enemies. I try not to mess with Infusion unless doing a full Jakobs/non-elemental Vladof build, though running a hybrid-melee build with the Face-Puncher also has use for it. DoTs can be crucial to dealing with some of the stronger enemies on M4 now.

yeah the more i look at infusion the more i think, why do people run this with elemental weapons. unless im missing something i dont see how infusion works with anything but non-elemental guns.

Its implied that its supposed to work properly with elemental guns, but its bugged and thats why it generates a weaker DoT than it should. With cross-matching elemental weapons its fine, but if you put two Incendiary sources together that way, the Infusion DoT is weaker but prioritizes over the actual DoT range of the weapon itself. Plus since you’re already essentially dividing it between a 60% source and a 40% source, its already weaker as a result. Forceful Expression is a much better alternative that way, it adds on additional damage rather than replacing it and it doesn’t mess with the base DoT values.

where we are in the game right now with on ase deal +50% whatever element. i feel its better to just run those anoints than to run infusion.